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Movement where:
recognition to make US a better place
seeking a better social order through the application of scientific principles and Christian charity
Govt had an obligation to see that the institutions as society responded to the needs of all its members
expressed faith in science and tech

Progressive Movement


Movement where:
It focused to prevent kids from dropping out
increased vocational education

Child Saving Movement


What are the Beliefs that propelled the beginnings of the vocational guidance movement

efficiency is about good match in the job field
satisfaction perspective


Significant individuals in settlement homes

Frank Pasons


What was the purpose/impetus behind settlement homes

helps individuals adjust in the new social order/megacenter for immigrants to learn english


What is Parson's triadic model

knowledge of self
knowledge of vocations
knowledge of the relationship between the two


What is the Vocational Bureau

created at the Civic Service House in response to the need of vocational guidance


What is the Vocational Bureau's connection to the Boston Civic House

the Boston Civic House was the first settlement house and settlement houses influence the creation of the Vocational Bureau


Says vocational guidance was fused with or included moral guidance (developing the person beyond simply a good job fit)
School-based vocational guidance programs and vocational bureaus formed almost immediately

JEsse Davis


Created the Assessments of individual differences and de-bunking physiognomy
Published Vocational Psych
Because of the increase in enrollment in schools lead to the rise in the necessity of assessments

Harry Hollingworth


appointed for head of committee for classifying personnel
was also active in the development of tests of selection and classification for use in business

Walter Dill Scott


De-bunked physiognomy
created vocational aptitudes of women
changed how education worked

Leta Hollingworth


What was the territorial debate that resulted from the Vocational Bureau begin moved to Harvard’s division of education

The debate whether or not psychology should be separated from education


Individual who played a key role in the establishment of vocational guidance as a function of education

John Brewer


the Individual who played a key role in the establishment of vocational guidance as a function of the new applied psychology

Hugo Munsterberg


Factors that contributed to the rise in vocational guidance as a function of psychology

Increase in enrollment lead to a rise in the necessity of assessment
Post-war assessment movement provided huge contributio to educational assessments


APA division for Counseling Psychology

Division 17


Outcome of Boulder conference re: Counseling Psychology

Push to expand the practice of psych beyong pathology and include services for normative pop


Effects of post-WWII on counseling psychology

Allowed clinicians to practice applied psych and deal with adjustment issues
Counseling Psych ends up not being able to deal with anything and set out to establish their own training standards


Impact of Sputnik on counseling psychology

Because promise of vocations in math and science
the range of services provided by couseling psych/counselors continued to expand


Graystone Conference

3 day conference
identified the role of counseling psych in addressing social issues: poverty, equal rights, edu


1960’s focus of counseling psychology

led to a greater use for counseling psychs who were poised as the ideal pros: adjustment and self-discovery/ personal growth


In what area did the field counseling psychology find its beginnings?

The Progressive Movement and the Child Saving Movement


Advocated scientific management. Influenced vocational guidance.

Frederick Taylor


Believed efficiency was about good match and the satisfaction perspective. Highlighted the need for vocational guidance. In 1908 he created the Vocational Bureau at the Civic Service House

Frank Parsons


the Individual who played a key role in the establishment of vocational guidance as a function of the new applied psychology. He continued to develop tests useful to guidance.

Hugo Munsterberg


Developed the test-based approach
Saw harmful effects of kids leaving school

Helen Wooley


Became first chief of the Vocational Counseling Service of the Department of Medicine and Surgery of VA. Said counseling psychs need to have the same qualifications as clinical psychs

Robert Waldrop


Focused on counelor training. The meetings underscored the diffs between counseling and clinicals

Edward S. Bordin