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Define Slave Trade

Business of buying and selling human beings


Roger Williams founded the colony of ____________ _____________ because he wanted a colony where _______________________________________

Rhode Island... people could worship freely and government was
separate from church


Who was Thomas Hooker?

Thomas Hooker was a minister that formed the colony of Connecticut because he wanted a community where all men could vote, not just the men in church.


List the New England colonies

Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut


List the southern colonies

Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia


List the middle colonies

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware


When was the Massachusetts Bay colony established?

The 1600's


What was the Great Awakening?

Exciting ministers inspired colonists to become more religious


Which colonies had the best land and climate for farming?

The southern colonies


What did the middle colonies use to move crops from town to town?

The long, wide rivers


What affect did glaciers have on land in the colonies?

Glaciers pushed soil from New England to the Middle colonies.


True or False

All men in the Massachusetts Bay colony could vote.

False, only men who owned property could vote


Why was Roger Williams banished from the Massachusetts Bay colony?

Williams was banished because of his views that people could worship freely and government was separate from church


Who fought and won King Phillips War?

King Phillips War was between Metacomet (King Phillip)-Wampanoag and New England Colonists. Colonists won because they had better weapons and more soldiers. After the war very few American Indians remained in the region


Name some important resources from the new England colonies

Wood-ships; fish- cod; whale- oil


Briefly describe the beliefs of the Puritans

Strict rules; everyone should read & follow the rules of the bible and attend churc