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What is an atomic number?

Number of protons in the atom



What is mass number?

Total number of protons and neutrons in an atom



What are isotopes?

Atoms of the same element with different number of neutrons


Properties of alpha particle

Consist of two protons and two neutrons

relative mass 4 , relative charge is +2


What happens when an unstable nucleus emits an alpha particle?

Atomic number goes down by 2 , mass number goes down by 4


What is a beta particle?

High-speed electron from the nucleus, emitted when

a neutron in nucleus changes to proton and an electron


Representing beta particle

relative mass 0, relative charge -1


What happens when unstable nucleus emits a beta particle?

Proton stays in nucleus , atomic number goes up by 1

mass number is unchanged, electron instantly emitted


What happens when nucleus emits gamma radiation?

No change in atomic number or mass number

it is an electromagnetic wave released by nucleus. No charge and no mass 


Neutrons are unchanged?

Neutrons emitted by some radioactive substances