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What is Inspection?

Close, careful observation of the patient as a whole nd then of each body system.


What is Palpation?

The use of touch to assess texture, temperature, moisture, and organ location and size. This helps identify swelling, vibrations, pulsations, rigidity, crepitation, lumps and tenderness.


When palpating how would you determine temperature?

The back of hands and fingers


When palpating how would you assess for vibration?

The base of the fingers or ulnar surface of the hand


What is Percussion?

Tapping the patient's skin with short, sharp strokes to create percussion sounds. This technique is used to assess the location, size, and density of an organ, detect an abnormal mass, or elicit a deep tendon reflex.


What is Amplitude?

The sounds intensity


What is Pitch

The number of vibrations per second and may be high or low pitched


What is Quality?

AKA Timbre, the subjective difference resulting from a sound's distinctive overtones.


What is Duration?

The length of time the note lingers


What is Auscultation?

Listening to the sounds made by the body. Most commonly the heart, blood vessels, lungs and abdomen.