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What is consumer behaviour?

The study of the processes involved when individuals or groups select, purchase, use, or dispose of products, services, ideas, or experiences to satisfy needs and desires


What is consumer and marketers perspective for pre purchase issues?

How does a consumer decide about needing a product?

How are consumer attitudes formed/changed?


What is consumer and marketers perspective for purchase issues?

Is product acquisition a stressful or pleasant experience?

How do situational factors affect purchase decision?


What is consumer and marketers perspective for postpurchase issues?

Does product provide pleasure or perform function? How is product disposed of?

What determines customer satisfaction and repurchase? 


Why is understanding consumer behaviour good business?

It helps you understand people and organization to satisfy their needs


The knowledge and data about customers let you define the marekt, identify swot, and tell what consumers are saying about brand


What are the two main ways of segmenting consumer lifestyles?


Acitivities, Interests, Opinions (AIO's)


What is success of relationship marketing?


Indicated by what?

BUilding lifetime relationships between brands and customers


INdicated by regular interaction with customers, and giving reason to maintain a relationship with the company


The combination of what three things influence lifestyles and consumption habits that create strong loyalty?

1. Integrated marketing communications

2. Social media

3. Rewards


People often buy products not for ______ but for _______

People often buy products not for what they do but for what they mean


What are three things that brands do?

1. Convey image/personality

2. Define our place in modern society

3. Help us form bonds with others who share similar preferences


Strong brand relationships evolve over time and resemble what type of relationship?

Deep relationships


What is Virtual Consumption?

IMpact of the web on consumer behaviour including:

24/7 shopping without leaving home

mobile communications



Not just B2C, virtual consumption makes ___ possible

C2C by sharing interests around the world


What are 4 prescribed code of ethics guidelines for consumer behaviour?

1. Discosure of substantial risks with product

2. Identifying added features that will increase cost

3. Avoiding false or misleading advertising

4. Avoiding selling or fundraising under guise of market research


What are the two viewos of whether marketers manipulate consumers?

Do we buy things we do not need just because we can


Are products designed to meet needs and promotions simply communicate product availability


WHat is marketer space vs. Consumer space

Consumers being empowered of how, when and what time they make their consumer decisions


What are the two main areas of focus for consumer welfare being protected at federal, provincial, and municpal levels?

1. Protection from unfair business practices

2. Protect broad interest of society


What are three examples of consumer activism?

1. Non profit advocates within information age such as

2. Buy nothing day and TV turnoff week

3. Occupy movement of 2011-2012

4. Culture Jamming

5. Firms becoming more interested in CSR


What is culture jamming?

Consumer activism to disrupt corporate efforts to dominate cultural landscape


What is social marketing?

This is using marketing techniques to encourage good behaviour such as better education or literacy, while discouring stuff like drunk driving


such as MADD


What are some examples of the consumer dark side?

A image thumb

What is primary consumer research?

Data is collected by researcher specifically for research question at hand


What is secondary Consumer research?

When marketer finds info needed by going to a pre-existing source of info collected for another purpose to answer a new research question. So me digging through stat canada is an example


6 examples of primary research

A image thumb

What are 3 things to keep in mind with the study of consumer behaviour?

1. iTs complex and involves many purchase situations and research methods

2. Interdisciplinary influences (lots of fields combined)

3. Consumer behaviour employers such as universitiies, manufactureres, museums, ad agencies, and governments


Sketch the wheel of consumer behaviour. Remember it has 5 main segments surrounding consumer behaviour

A image thumb

What's the biggest change in Consumer behaviour?

The internet


The web has created thousands of consumption communities... What are these?

These Are where members share views and product recommendations about anything from airline loyalty programs to Iphone apps.


In the early stages of the field of consumer behaviour, what was it known as?

Buyer behaviour, as it was the interaction between consumers and prodoucers at the time of purchase


What is an integral parl of marketing where two or more people or orgs give and receive somethin of value?



How much of an effect do marketers have on pop culture?

They have quite a bit actually, and things like the pillsbury dough boy are so recognizable as pop culture symbols


What is U-Commerce?

It is the use of ubiquitous networks.


So this is like wearable tech or smartphone ads that blip to eat a burger when passing a McDonalds


What are examples of virtual brand communities?

People passionate about a certain brand rallying together. Such as collector barbie doll forums, Bradley Smoker Forum


What is the horizontal revolution?


Information flowing across people, instead of just down from company webpage to consumer. Social Mediareally facilitates a lot of this


What kind of intereactions does Facebook offer?

Synchronous Interactions, which mean real time actions such as messenger. And Asynchronous Interactions, that don't require participants to immediately respond.


What has overtaken porn as the number one online activity?

Social Media Activity


What kind of culture do social media platforms enable?

Culture of Participation


Which is belief in democracy; ability to freely interact with other people, companies etc.


Do marketers create artificial needs?

Its not really making a need, it is more creating a want to go with that need and creating awareness of the need. So Coca Cola comes up with the want to satisfy your thirst need with coke, and highlights the thirst need.


What is Marketer and Consumer space?

Well, marketer space was marketers way to know customers and get them to do things with their ads, but now consumer space has come along where the customer decides to take part or not.


What is Transformative Consumer Research (TCR)?

This is consumer researchers organizing themselvese to not only study, but to rectify what they see as pressing social problems in the marketplace. Helps people or bring about social change.


What three common elements can describte the negative or destructive consumer behaviour we see often such as gambling.

1. Behaviour is not engaged in by choice

2. Gratification derived from behaviour is short lived

3. Person experiences strong feelins of regret or guilt afterwards


What is the industry retail term for inventory and cash losses from shoplifint ang employee theft?



What is the type of destructive consumer behaviour that rebels against the idea of consumptino itself?



Which involves things such as product tampering, graffiti, to simply boycotting a brand


How is consumer behaviour a process?

It is not just when purchase is being made, it is during selection, purchase, use, dispose, etc of products, services, ideas etc




College students logging on to a webpage to see if any washing machines in the dorm laundromat are free and/or receive an email or text when their load is finished is a good example of __________at work.



What does compuslive consumption refer to?

Repetitive shopping

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