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When watching the Nikki Minaj music video, what are some critical thinking questions?

1. What are the intended messages

2. What are the hidden messages

3. What does this example tell us about men/women

4. Does this influence society? If so, how?


Does the state show up in the bedroom still?

Yes a lot, such as gay marriage


Is Hugh Hefners contribution to exposing sex in culture made us more willing to talk about sex?

Teacher thinks its interesting. But he was quite the activist.


Define sex


define gender

Our biological femaleness, maleness, intersexed or transgenderedness


Gender is the psychological and sociocultural characteristcis associated with our sex


Define sexuality

Physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological, and social manifestations of sexual desire, orientation, and experience


What is healthy sexuality, as opposed to just sexuality

It is the achievement and maintenance of sexual functioning that is pleasurable, non-coercive, and non exploitive across all dimensions of sexuality


World Health Organization definition of sexual health

It is the integration of the phsycial, emotional, intellectual and social aspsets of sexual being, in ways... read them later


What are the attitudes about the purpose of sex?

Procreational (intending to reproduce)

Relational (natural part of intimate partnerships)



What is the primary purpose of sex is reproduction?

To procreate


What are the 4 attitudes of procreation?

1. That primary purpose of sex is reproduction

2. Acceptance of sex within the confines of marriage

3. Assumption of opposite gender orientation and behaviour

4. Disapprove of non-procreational sex such as same gender, pre marital etc


What are the 3 attitudes about relational

1. Sex is natural component of intimate partnered relationships

2. Acceptance of sex within confines of a committed relationship

3. Value monogamy and disapprove of sexual activity outside the primary relationship


What are the 3 determinants of human sexuality?

1. Contexts

2. Conditions

3. Situations


that influence the development and experience of sexuality among groups of people


What are the biological determinants of human sexuality?


Prenatal development

brain factors


sexual organs and response system


What are the 4 environmental determinants of human sexuality?

1. Personal History

2. Education

3. Experience

4. Family and peer group


What are 5 psychological determinants of human sexuality?

1. Conditioning

2. Interactions

3. Learning

4. Emotions

5. Fetishes and compusions


What are 5 cultural determinants of human sexuality?

1. Beliefs

2. Values

3. Norms

4. Attitudes

5. Genders


What are 3 societal determinants of human sexuality?

1. Media

2. Relgion

3. Look at slide 15


What are 4 historical determinants of human sexuality?

1. Beliefs

2. Values

3. Norms

4. Attitudes and behaviours that shape current ideas and practices


In the face study from Scotland, what did they find for feminine and masculine faces?

They found men found more feminine faces more attractive, and most women found masculine faces more attractive


What are the 3 major ways media influecnes sexual behaviour?

1. cultivation

2. agenda-setting

3. social learning


How does ethnocentrism influence cross-cultural sexuality?

Ethnocentrism influences our understanding of human sexual behaviour


No society has seen fit to leave sexuality totally unregulated, but many different norms exist 




What are 5 sexual techniques?

1. Frequency

2. Marriage

3. Body Changes

4. Orgasm

5. Positions


In 1994, Jocelyn Elders (US Surgeon General) said what?

THat masturabation was healthy, but she was forced to resign


What was masturbation restriction like in the Victorian Era?

Electric shock, chastity belts, etc as ways to prevent it.


We've seen same-sex behaviour where?

History, cultures, places, everywhere!


Is the homo identity new?

Yup, it formed out of resistance to persecution


Is sexual signaling found in other species?



Is human sexual behaviour more "brain" controlled or "instinctively" controlled?

The higher the species the more "brain" controlled the sexual behaviour is, therefore Humans are more "brain" controlled


what 4 things are non-sexual uses of sexual behaviour

1. Dominance (dog humping for ex)

2. Aggression

3. Control/power

4. Economics


Sometimes sex is defined as orgasm, or penile-vagina intercourse, etc. What does this book say sexual behaviour is defined as?

Behaviour that produces arousal and increases the chance of orgasm


What are 6 very important early sex researchers?

Sigmund Freud

Henry Havelock Ellis

Clelia Mosher (Victoria women sex)

Richard Von Krafft-Ebing (pathological sexuality)

Magnus Hirschfeld (sex surveys and gay studies)

Alfred Kinsey


What did Henry Havelock Ellis study?

He studied psychology of sex and believed that women, like men, are sexual creatures! Sex is normal he said


What did Richard Von Krafft-Ebing contribute?

He studied pathological sexuality, and coined the concepts of sadism, masochism, pedophilia, and after translation the words Homosexual and heterosexual


Communications theorists believe that the media can have three types of influence. What are they?

1. Cultivation

Watching media and thinking that is what actually goes on in real life

2. Agenda Setting

News reporters selecting what to and to-not report

3. Social Learning

This is when we start to imitate characters on TV, such as Alton Brown or Judge Judy


Define Culture

Traditional ideas and values passed down generations within a group by transmitting via symbols (such as language) 


Wow, even after I edited that it is a really pretentious way to define culture...


What is Ethnocentrism?

This is the tendency for people to think their culture is superior to others, and that it is the standard for which others should be judged. Saudi is a good example


What are incest taboos?

Regulations prohibiting sexual interaction between close blood relatives, such sa brother and sister or father and daughter


Do any societies keep sex totally unregulated?



What are the three general rules with attitutes toward homosexuality?

1. No matter how a particular society views homosexuality, it occurs in every society universally

2. Males are more likely to engage in same sex activities than females

3. Same-sex is never the predominant way of sexual behaviour among adults in any societies


How are lower classes sexual behaviour compared to higher ones?

Lower class have sex earlier, have more stds, and manual workers engage in oral and intercourse more frequently


How do fracaphone quebecers compare to the rest of Canada in terms of sexual behaviour?

They are more liberal, such as ok with teens having sex, homos, etc


Are humans unique from other animals with sex stuff?

Not really, the biggest difference is our elaborate and complex cultural influences


Like other animals, do humans use sex for other uses than pleasure, procreation?

Yup, we use it for vicarious sense of power, money etc. Think of House of Cards!


What is an important new concept as well as a social and political movement that is gaining momentum worldwide to do wtih discusiions of sex?

Sexual Health!


What are sexual rights?

THings like reights to reproductive self-determination and sexual self-expression and freedom from sexual abuse and violence

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