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What is deviance?

Behavior that is different from what most people in a persons reference group exhibit


What is distress behavior?

A behavior that causes distress for the person exhibiting it or for the people around


What is a dysfunction behavior?

Behavior that interferes with a persons ability to perform necessary activities such as going to work or caring for family members


What is dangerous behavior?

A behavior that causes serious potential harm to self or others


What is the bio/medical model?

Conceptualists abnormal behavior as the result of physical cause that can be treated through medical means


What is the psychodynamic model?

Freudruian approach to psychology that interprets personality in terms of conscious and unconscious mind


What is the behavioral model?

A scientific approach on psych concerned with observable and measurable behavior that can be recorded


What is the cognitive model?

Scientific approach emphasizing on mechanical and internal processes of the mind


What is the sociocultural model?

Approach that considers complex effects social and cultural factors have on ones behavior


What is biopsychology?

Scientific approach that considers biological, psychological, and social factors and their complex interaction into understanding the effect on human behavior and disorders


What is abnormal behavior?

violation of social norms, statistical rarity, personal distress, and maladaptive behavior.


What is DSM? Or diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders

Standard classification of mental disorders used by mental health professionals


What is a anxiety disorder?

Disorder characterized by tension, excess worry, and a state of physiological arousal that has no specific trigger... for example phobias....OCD


What is a mood disorder?

Depression or cycle of mood....schizophrenia have distorted senses delusional thinking


What are personality disorders?

pervasive pattern of abrupt mood swings, instability in relationships, self-image, identity, behavior and affect, often leading to self-harm and impulsivity....


What is substance/addictive disorders?

A disorder in which use of one or more drugs are used and it effects impaired judgement, finances, and interpersonal relationships