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Give some tangible physical evidence examples?

Web pages
Employee dress
Billing Statements
Business cards

And so much more, these are not directly part of servicescape


What is clue management?

Clearly identifying and managing all the various clues that customers use to form their impressions and feelings about the company such as the physical evidence and servicescape


What are mechanics clues?

The physical and tangible clues that are focused on in clue management for setting servicescape


What are the three types of service organizations that differs on the servicescape dimension?

1. Self-service (Customer only) such as Ebay

2. Interpersonal Services (both customer and employee) such as Hotel

3. Remote service (employee only such as insurance company)


What are the two types of servicescape complexity?

You have lean and elaborate environments. So a lean one is like a fedex drop off, whereas an elaborate one is a hotel


What are 4 strategic roles of the servicescape?

1. Package
(so how its presented, and even appearance of personnel uniforms)

2. Facilitator
(So things that help the service along such as a well designed airport or airplane geared for sleep etc)

3. Socializer
(So having wifi, comfortable seats etc in Cafe to encourage socializing)

4. Differentiator
(So like for Jyske bank, they had friendly place for children and whatnot which meant it was family consumer oriented instead of traditional grey bank)


What is the underlying framework for understanding servicescape effects on behaviour?

Stimulus-Organism-Response theory

Environment is stimulus

Employees are organisms responding to stimuli

And behaviours directed at environment are responses

So assumption is servicescape will affect customers and employees and they will behave in a different way depending on reaction to servicescape.

So you will be happy, hungry, relaxed etc at a really colourful cart with the smell of baking cookies.


What are the two types of individual behaviours under servicescape framework?

Avoidance and approach. So avoidance is negative, and approach is all positive behaviours that might be directed such as desire to stay, explore, work or affiliate


What are the customer responses to perceived servicescape?

1. Social interactions (also shared by employee response)
2. Individual behaviours
3. and the cognitive, emotional, and physiological responses


What are the employee responses to perceived servicescape?

1. Social interactions (also shared by customer response)
2. Individual behaviours
3. and the cognitive, emotional, and physiological responses


What three physical environment dimensions influence perceived servicescape?

1. Ambient conditions
(temp, noise, air quality, music, odor etc. Basically effect 5 senses)

2. Space/function
(layout, equipment, furnishings etc)

3. Signs, symbols, and artifacts
(signage, personal artifacts, style of decor etc)


Any environment whether natural or engineered will elicit emotions that can be captured by what two basic dimensions?

1. Pleasure/displeasure

2. Degree of arousal (amount of stim or excitement)


What are the three ways people respond to the environment?



Explain arousal seeking?

So those that are arousal seeking look for high levels of stim, whereas arousal avoiders prefer relaxing low level stim So pleasant, but low degree of arousal


Explain how some people are better screeners?

Some are better screeners of environment stimuli, so a screener would be able to experience a high level of stimulation, but not be affect by it. Non screeners would be highly affected, and exhibit extreme responses. Basically nonscreeners are the ones that freak out in stores like Hollister


What are 6 general guidelines for an effective physical evidence strategy?

1. Recognize the strategic impact of physical evidence
(its true)

2. Blueprint the physical evidence of service
(See where you can have tangible representations at each encounter/step)

3. Clarify strategic roles of the ServiceScape
(So do you need to factor in caregiver and kids with daycare, or not really with telecommunications service place)

4. Assess and Identify Physical Evidence Opportunities
(So do we need more physical evidence such as popup that we did something for software cleaner, or do we need to change them such as fancy menu with ratty diner scape)

5. Update and Modernize the Evidence
(Don't let your servicescape go out of vogue)

6. Work Cross-Functionally
(Let all functions help with servicescape, and not just say sales group in charge of their pamphlets while marketing is off fooling around with ad agencies, work together not in silos)


What two things does the package role of there servicescape do?

1. Conveys Expectations

2. Influences Pereption


What does the Facilitator role of there servicescape do?

Facilitates the flow the service delivery process, so it provides information, facilitate ordering process, and facilitates service delivery

So entering a fast food place, and knowing where the line is and how to order


What two things does the socializer role of there servicescape do?

1. facilitates interaction between customers and employees

2. Facilitates interactions between customers and customers


What are 4 internal responses to the servicescape?

1. Environment and cognition
2. Environment and emotion
3. Environment and physiology
4. Variations in individual responses


What are three things that make variations in individual response?

1. Personality Differences

2. Purpose for being in the servicescape
(bus vs pleasure etc)

3. Temporary Mood


Why is spatial layout and functionality important?

Customer and employees goals (usually similar) for doing service needs to be facilitated by arrangement of machiney, equipment, etc.

Seating Comfort

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