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What is lifespan development approach to sexual development?

It is development from birth though old age, and they say that sexual development occurs throughout this entire time


Infants are super self-centred, but can they have infant-infant sexual encounters?

Yup, things like kissing, hugging, pat, stroking, gazing etc


Can infants and young children have non-gential sensual experiences?

Yeah totally, things like holding them, rocking them, cuddled, etc


What is attachment with infants?

This is a psychological bond that forms between an infant and the mother, father, or caregiver


How is attachment affect people later in life?

Infants who didn't have stable secure or satisfying attachment through cuddling and whatnot have emotional attachment issues in adulthood


Define gender-segrated social organization

General form of social grouping in which males play and associate with other males, and females hang with other females. Its kinda like segregation, hence the name


When do people display gender segregation?

Well it really starts in preadolscence


What is sexualization?

Where a person is only valued for sex appeal or behaviour. Held to standard that is physical attractiveness with being sex, is sexually objectified, or sexually inapproparteiyl imposed upon person


What 4 conditions make sexualization occur?

1. Persons value comes only from sexual appeal or behav

2. Person is held to standard that physical attractiveness = being sexy

3. Person is sexually objectified

4. Sexuality is inappropriately imposed upon a person


What are 4 kinds of standards for adolescent sexual activity?

1. Abstinence
(no intercourse outside marriage)

2. Permissiveness with affection
(intercourse ok if inside stable relationship)

3. Permissiveness without affection
(intercourse ok regardless of commitment)

4. Double Standard
(Intercourse outside marriage is ok for males but not females)


What is serial monogamy?

Premarital sexual pattern in which there is an intention of being faithful to the partner, but the relationship ends and then the person will move on to another, than another, etc


What is the predominant sexual standard today?

One of permissiveness with affection, so sex is seen as acceptable outside marriage, provided there is an emotional commitment between the partners


What % of children masturbate by time of reaching puberty?



Why is there an increase in sexual activity during adolescence?

influenced by the interaction of biological factors (increasing testosterone) and social and psychological factors (sexually permissive attitudes)


By age 15, how many boys and girls have masturbated?

Nearly all boys, and not all girls but they steadily climb later in age


Today, do a lot of adolescent males and females engage in sexual intercourse

The majority do...


What % of adolescents have same sex experience to orgasm?

about 10%


With sexuality and adolescent Development, how does society send a conflicting double message?

They give permissive messages (such as everyone has sex), then restrict it with messages such as girls should wait and be gatekeepers etc


What is the "fall-out" or perceived consequences of more liberal sexual expression at a younger age?

The perceived consequence of more liberal expression at a young age is students expressing themselves in potentially inappropriate ways, such as not knowing the difference of how to dress for a party and how to dress for an academic environment.


Do boys have the same challenges as girls in terms of body image but express it differently?

Boys face similar challenges as girls in that they feel pressure to dress and be "sexy" as well. Boys express it in ways such as supplements at GNC to get abs the same a girl might wear a shirt that pushes out her breasts.


Do you think teen sexual activity is as high as youth's perceive or do they "know someone" who has been involved?

I think teen sexual activity could be as high as many youth's perceive based on their social circles and situations. In some circles, teens are telling their friends and others all about the "sex" that they are having, when really it could just be a lot of talk. Of course researchers are finding that kids are indeed having sex though, so many of these have a true basis.


Should researchers be able to ask detailed sexual experience questions of youths and adolescents?

You answered: Experts, policy makers, educators and more need to be informed of the current state that they addressing. Therefore I think researchers should be able to ask detailed sexual experience questions, especially since many teens may not understand without explicit detailed questions.


How can parents really influence sexual behaviour?

You answered: They should not take a passive role of relying on formal educators to inform their kids about sexual behaviour. This can also take anxiety away from young people who feel compelled to hide sexual issues from authority figures.


Sexual health education is focused around restrictive ideology right now. So saying you just shouldn't have sex. What do people actually want?

85% of parents want sexual health Education

92% of students want it


Schools teaching sex ed are more likely to align with what ideology?

Restrictive ideology


Despite what schools may think, schools are more likely to be accused of what rather than corrupting the morals of a minor in studies?

They are more likely to be accused of ignoring the sexual health needs of youth


Who was McGuinty in Ontario? What was he introducing?

He was in government trying to introduce standardized sexual health in schools. Good stuff such as challenging homophobia and heterosexism, gender identity, etc.

So the attacks against him said he was trying to get 6 year olds to cross dress. Or girls saying don't teach me to question if I'm a boy, etc

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