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Define corporate culture

Define culture

Pattern of shared values and beliefs that give the members of an organization meaning and provide them wit the rules for behaviour in the organization

Culture: The way we do things around here


A customer-oriented, service oriented organization will have what at it's heart?

A service culture where an appreciation for good service exists, and where giving good service to internal as well as external customers is considered a natural way of life!


What are three things that indicate good service?

1. Service culture exists if appreciation for good service is amongst employees

2. Good service given to internal and external customers

3. Good service is way of life


How is it best to exhibit service leadership?

Instead of ruling from thick rule book for giving service, leaders demonstrate regular and consistent good service through their values. Like Grandpa M


Espoused vs enacted values on employees embracement of service culture?

Espoused values (say) are less impactful on employees than enacted values (doing)


Is it easy to transport a service culture?

No, like 4 seasons having standards for employees around world, but not doing things such as leaving coffee pot on tables in France because french never pour coffee themselves. So you need to change some things, keep others


What are 4 reasons the key focus is on customer-contract service employees?

1. They are the service
2. They are the organization in customers eyes
3. They are the brand
4. They are marketers


Explain the service triangle

Reinforces importance of people in firms ability to keep their service promises and building customer relationships.

So three interlinked groups to develop, promote, and deliver services:
1. Company (management)
2. Providers
3. Customers


What are the 3 types of marketing in-between the 3 points of the service triangle that must be successfully carried out for service to succeed ?

1. Company (management)
---External Marketing (making the promise)
2. Customers
---Interactive Marketing (delivering the promise
3. Providers
---Internal Marketing (enabling promise)

(Company management at top of triangle again)


What must happen with the sides of service triangle?

All must be successfully carried out, and sides of the triangle should be aligned. So what is promised is same as what is delivered, and enabling activities assigned with what is expected of service providers.


How is customer and employee satisfaction tied?

Well satisfied service providers will make satisfied customers, which can in turn make the service providers more satisfied


Describe service profit chain

Internal service quality leads to
Employee satisfaction leading to
Employee retention and employee productivity leads to
External service value leading to
Customer satisfaction leading to
Customer loyalty leading to
Revenue growth and profitability


Who are the boundary spanners?

Frontline employees because they operate at organizations boundary

So can be fast food server, or lawyer etc


What is emotional labour?

Refers to labour that goes beyond physical or mental skills needed to delivery quality service. So boundary spanners are expected to align displayed emotions with job desired emotions using emotional labour


What are 3 sources of conflict that tax emotional labour of employees?

1. Person/role conflict
(So if your a free spirit with a new job at a law firm, gonna have to trade in your ratty jeans to 3 piece suit)

2. Organization/Client Conflict
(So make organization happy or client, so accounting firm may say to file taxes super quick, whereas client wants personalized and slow - Especially hard with commission or tip jobs)

3. Interclient Conflict
(When serving many clients at once, such as Uni professor, it is really hard for them to all be happy and feel treated equally)


What is Verizons example of a quality/Efficiency trade off?

They originally had call centre employees have maximum amount of time per call. Then employees striked to lift maximum so they could solve customers issue. It is clear that having unlimited time per call to solve issue is best for both employee and customer, but Verizon feels this is trading efficiency for quality


What are 4 main HR goals for delivering service quality through people?

1. Hire the right people

2. Develop people to deliver service quality

3. Provide needed support systems

4. Retain the best people


What are 3 HR strategies for hiring the right people?

1. Compete for the best people
2. Hire for service competencies and service inclination
3. Be the preferred employer


What are 3 HR strategies for developing people to deliver service quality?

1. Train for technical and interactive skills
2. Empower employees
3. Promote Teamwork


What are 3 HR strategies for providing needed support systems?

1. Measure internal service quality
2. Provide supportive technology and equipment
3. Develop service oriented internal processes


What are 3 HR strategies for retaining the best people?

1. Measure and rewards strong service performers
2. Treat employees as customers
3. include employees in the company's vision


What does a customer focused organizational chart look like?

The frontline employees at top, then supervisor, then managers etc


The employees effect so strongly the 5 aspects of service quality. What are those 5 again?



What 3 things is the employees importance evident in?

1. Services marketing Mix (people)
2. Service-profit chain
3. Services triangle


What does flipping the services marketing triangle upside-down mean?

It means putting the employees and customers at the top of the triangle, and company (management) at the bottom.


What are 3 overall strategic assessments for use with the services marketing triangle?

1. How service organization is doing on all three sides of triangle

2. Where are the weaknesses?

3. What are the strengths?


What are 3 specific service implementations for use with the services marketing triangle?

1. What is being promoted and by whom?

2. How will it be delivered and by whom?

3. Are the supporting systems in place to deliver the promised service?


Is the services marketing triangle a good competitive analysis tool?

No, but it is good as an internal tool to ensure consistency and your own marketing aspects


With our in class discussion about services marketing triangle, what type of Ps are in the external marketing segment of triangle in-between company and customers

A lot of promotion (ad campaign, PR, sales promotions, contests, etc)

Price will implicitly position service


What is the difference with external marketing side of triangle and interactive marketing side?

External marketing is one way street from company to customers, whereas interactive marketing is two way street between customers and employees.

So social media would be external as FB ads, but interactive if it was conversation between customers and employees

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