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How has dating evolved?

We don't really speak on the phone anymore, instead its more internet dating.


What is the difference with same sex married couples and non same sex?

Same sex needs to talk about stuff that straight people just assume. Such as women doing more homework naturally, men have to decide who does what


What is a better word for same sex marriage?

Just marriage equality, not good to have names for different types of marriage, they're not different


What happens with sex as people start living together?

Sexual behaviour goes down after a year due to habituation. Things like dishes aren't done, no sex tonight


Is it normal to masturbate during marriage?

Completely normal as long as you're not giving up sex to masturbate


What has been the trend with oral sex within marriages?

There is increased popularity of oral sex over past half century


What are some marital sexual scripts?

Direct or indirect invitations, or ritualized times for sex "saturday night!"


What is extradyadic sex?

Sexual activity between a person in a committed relationship and someone other than that person's partner.

So other terms such as cheating, adultery, infidelity etc. But these words don't explain this perfectly, because couples have different relationship and view extradyadic sex uniquely with each relationship


What is infidelity in the digital age?

Well that's a toughy. What if your losing yourself in porn instead of partner, having webcam sex, etc.

They say not real life, so doesn't count. But if you are keeping secrets from the person your in a relationship means you are cheating on them!


What is the greatest pain of cheating, and real meaning of infidelity?

Betraying the trust of the relationship


What are 4 noted circumstances where extradyadic sex can occur?

1. Accidental
(wasn't planned, drunk etc)

2. Romantic Infidelity
(fall in love with someone else)

3. Open relationship/marriage
(Always have rules if successful)

4. Philanderers


What are rates of extramarital sex between men and women?

men: 25%
women: 15%


What is general attitude in Canada toward extramarital sex?

Our society generally condemns it


How does equity theory influence infidelity?

So what you put in, you expect to get out (including sexual favours). So if that's not equal, the person who feels they are owed more they may find it.


What is polyamory?

When more than one simultaneous intimate relationship with consent.


Are divorced men more sexually active than divorced women?

Divorced men are more sexually active than divorced women


What are 3 myths from the notes about sex and aging?

1. Sex is for the young
(remain sexually active well into very old age, and important for same physical and emotional pleasure reasons)

2. Older people are not able to enjoy sex
(Very rare, but those who can't have intercourse have sexual pleasure in creative ways)

3. Older People are physically unattractive and therefore sexually undesirable
(No, judged by unrealistic standards of perfection portrayed by popular media. But most older people understand that the media's standards are ridiculous)


We see a bit of a rise of STDs with older people. Why?

Because no longer pregnant possibility, and lack of education, older people think they're safe and can just go nuts


What is male climacteric?

Decline of testosterone production.

So decrease in urgency in sexual desire, increased refractory, less rigid erection, reduced force and vol of ejaculate, more stimulation required may improve control over orgasm.


What is female climacteric?

Reduction in estrogen and progesterone. Lots of other factors that I'm sure are in Kevin slides


What are 3 factors that increase sexual desire in older age?

1. No fear of pregnancy
2. Improved ejaculatory control
3. ore privacy, time and money


What is ageism?

Discrimination of elders


What do institutions do with sex and old people?

Provide no opportunity for sex among elders


What are 5 socio-cultural factors with sexuality and aging?

1. Ageism
2. Institutions provide no opportunity for elder sex
3. Percieved as cute, troublesome, or disagreeable
4. See elders as vulnerable
5. Social isolation


What are at least 4 factors in notes that decrease sexual desire with aging?

1. Lack of partner
2. Women live longer
3. Older men remarry longer women
4. Age is less valued in women
5. Non-supportive partner
6. Slow response may provoke anxiety
7. Fatigue and excessive alcohol
8. Negative body image


What are at least 3 issues affecting the sexuality in older women in notes?

1. Double standard of ageing
2. Lasting effects of gender role socialization
3. Generational attitudes about discussing sex
4. Bereavement
5. Marital or elder abuse
6. Caregiver disapproval


Does age decrease libido?

Age doesn't necessarily decrease libido, but it does decrease sexual function which can have the effect of decreasing libido


What are 3 points with ageing in gay and lesbian communities?

1. May have advantage in coping with stereotyping and stigma

2. Less confined to rigid gender roles

3. Higher degree of independence and self sufficiency


Discuss how sex among older adults is portrayed in the media and popular culture. What impacts might this have on attitudes and beliefs regarding sex and sexuality in older age groups?

From my experience, older adults are portrayed in the media and popular culture as either completely non-sexual and wise/cute, or sexual deviant cougar/daddy. These portrayals can influence negative attitudes such as ageism, and influence people to not treat older people as sexual beings. For the older age groups themselves, they may see themselves as being not accepted showing affection/sexual behaviour, or ill informed about sexual issues because they believe they are the exception.


From the video Generation M: Misogyny and Media in Culture, discuss one example of misogyny from the video and how this impacted you. How can we respond to these problems in society?

Advertising definitely doesn't just play to men, but also to women which defines felinity.

An example is Dove vs Axe advertising both from unilever. Dove promotes women's internal beauty, whereas Axe shows them as mindless sex chasers. Advertising also shows women as being devious and treacherous using sex as a power tool.

I work in the advertising industry, and have seen the culture that creates this. Even strategists that I have worked with in advertising have evaluated women in ads from the agency as being not feminine enough or not "able to connect" with the masses.

We can respond to these issues by showing women in a light that they would be proud of. I think it's as simple as that, and it should not be up to panel of male marketers/strategists to decide what women would connect/relate to or aspire to.


What are some examples that the Misogyny documentary highlight of current times

-Mass media


(such as Barbie, Bratz etc)

-Idealized beauty
(that real beauty is attainable through diets, cosmetics, surgeries, eating disorders,)

-"girl Sports"

-Rapping. Imagine if Eminem rapped about beating black people and whatnot or use N word. But he gets away with winning grammies while rapping about slapping women and gunning them down while calling them the B word.)

-Boys look tough, women trained to like bad boys


What percentage of men and women are anorexic?

95% who are anorexic are women


What is misogyny?

the hatred or dislike of women or girls. Misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, denigration of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women


What is Chaste?

Abstaining from sexual intercourse, sexually celibate


What is a common-law relationship?

Two people who have lived together as a couple for 12 continuous months but are not legally married to each other. This is defined by the federal government


Do sexual relationships suffer if the woman works outside the home?



Whats the diff between extradyadic sex and extramarital sex?

Extradyadic is sexual activity between person in serious relationship and someone other than that persons partner. Whereas extramarital is same thing but married person to someone other than their spouse


What is a form of extradyadic sex in which married couples exchange partners with each other?



What is a cyberaffair?

A romantic or sexual relationship initiated by online contact and maintained primarily via online communication


What is perimenopause?

The period of time prior to menopause and the first year after the last menstrual period


What is oophorectomy?

Surgical removal of the ovaries


What is andropause?

The declining androgen levles in middle-aged men. The male version of menopause. Also called ADAM (androgen decline in the aging male)


What is prostatectomy?

Surgical removal of the prostrate

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