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Charles da twins influential book was title_______.

On the origin of species by means of natural selection


Darwin had a firm belief in a_______

Beevolent creator God, though he articulated doubt about the validity of Judeo-Christian writings when it came to biology


Darwin favor_____

-All organisms inhabiting earth today are derived from ancestral species that may have looked differently( descent with modification)

-The mechanism by which this was accomplished is natural selection.


The human immune system cannot effectively suppress the HIV virus on its own. What key feature of HIV makes it so hard to beat?

The HIV virus has an extremely high rate of mutation.


Imagine that four people are infected with HIV from a common source (an infected blood sample) i ritually the partients' HIV populations are genetically identical. By the time they develop full-blown AIDS. How would the viral populations of the four patients compare?

Each patient's viral population would be unique, specifically adapted to deal with and overcome his or her unique immune system responses


Bird guides once listed the myrtle warbler and Aaudubon's warbler as distinct species that lived side by side in parts of their ranges. However, recent books show them as eastern and western forms of a single species, the yellow-rumped warbler. Apparently, the myrtle warbler and Audubon's warbler______

Successfully interbreed and produce fertile offspring


The biological species concept can be applied to organisms that____

Interbreed sexually


Which of the following observations would, by itself, lead you to conclude unequivocally that the island finch population had evolved into a distant species?

Individual from the different populations sometimes may with ra bother but all of the eggs are sterile.


Three species of frogs-Rana puppies, Rana clamitans, and Rana sylvatica-all mate in the same ponds, but they pair off correctly because they have different calls. This is a specific example of a _____ barrier, called____.

Prezygotic barrier..... Behavioral isolation


Two species of water lillies in the same pond do not interbreed because one blooms at night and the other during the day. The reproductive barrier between them is an example of ____.

Temporal isolation


According to the punctured equilibrium model of evolution____

The tempo of evolution comprises abrupt episodes of speciation among long periods of equilibrium


Applying the biological species concept, the production of ligers reveals that___

Tigers and lions are separate species


The natural differences in the ranges of wild tigers and lions is an example of________

A pre-zygotic barrier


The production of sterile male ligers is an example of_____

A post-zygotic barrier


Certain fish had bony find that later evolved into the arms and legs of land animals. In the context, these bony structures are an example of ____

An exaltation


Human and chimpanzees have a common ancestor. The human skull and chimpanzee skull are more alike in fetuses than they are in adults. The human skull is an example of a feature that evolved by_______.



Radio metric dating can be used to tell the age of a fossil by measuring __________.

The decay of radioactive atoms in the fossil


A radioactive isotope has half-life of 1.2 billion years. As measured by the presence of the isotope and its decay product, a rock originally contained 10 grams of the radioactive isotope, and now contains 1.25 grams. How many years old is the rock?

3.6 billion years old


Which one of the following is the correct presentation of the species name?

/i/Homo erectus/ (italics)


What do phylogenetic trees represent?

The evolutionary relationships among organisms


What domain and kingdom do tuna belong to?

Simian eukarya, kingdom animalia


What is more closely related to a human sea star a mollusc or a mushroom?

The sea star


The human immune system cannot effectively suppress the HIV virus on its own. What key feature of HIV makes its so hard to beat?

The HIV virus has an extremely high rate of mutation


Natural selection is best described as_____

A filtering process that fine-tunes the traits of populations by sorting among existing randomly produced variations


HIV has become an important source of mortality for humans. If aids persits as a major factor for humans for many generations in the future,natural selection theory predicts that.....

Any heritable traits that help humans survive and reproduce in the presence of AIDS should become more frequent over time


How does natural selection camouflage work....

1) environmental change; a drought causes a habitat to turn dry and brown
2) selective pressure; green beetles are more visible to birds than brown beetles, so birds eat more green beetles.
3) change in population; brown beetles survive to reproduced more than green beetles do. The brown allele increases in frequency.


The evolution of population due to chance is...

Genetic drift


If color is an inherited trait in beetles, and birds are more likely to eat brown beetles than green beetles.

The frequency of the green allele will increase


Color is an inherited trait in beetles. If brown beetles move into a population from a nearby island, which of the following statement is correct?

Gene flow causes the frequency of the brown allele to increase


Remember that color is an inherited trait in beetles. Which of the following is an example is natural selection?

Green beetles leave more offsprings than brown beetles because they are better at finding food.


A process in which organisms with certain inherited characteristics are more likely to survive and reproduce than are individuals with other characteristics is called.....

Natural selection


Which is the following is the study of geographic distribution of species on earth



Which one of the following was an assumption of Charles Derwin's theory of natural selection?

Populations produce more offspring than their environment can support.


The population of America...This crash in the the population of bison and recent recovery is a good example of....

The bottleneck effect


Imagine that a new population... This changed in the diversity of people on the new planet is an example of...

The founder effect


What do we call scientists who study fossils

Paleontologist a


There is a group of small fish living in a lake..... Which of these statements present the most accurate prediction?

The proportions of mottled fish will increase over time


Which of the following is an example of natural selection that has been in our lifetime?

The evolution of antibiotic-restart bacteria


Evolutionary biologist studying the evolution of lizard horn length found...

That lizards horn length evolved as a defense mechanism against predators


According to current evolutionary theory which of the following is true?

Population are the units of evolution


Which of the following events could not be caused by population bottleneck

Increased population size


Which of the following statements about amoeba population describe at the end of the tutorial is true.

It is more vulnerable to extinction due to lack of genetic variation


In evolutionary terms, an organism's Darwinian fitness is measured by its

Contribution to the gene poop of the next generation


Fossils are most likely to be found in

Sedimentary rocks


The approach to revolution that invokes the study of similar structure that appear during the development of different organisms us known as the study of...

Comparative embryology