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What are subcultures?

Group memberships within society-at-large based on age/ethnicity and place of residency that influence consumer lifestyles


What are micro cultures?

In subcultures, there are microcultures.

These have strong identifiication with activity or art form and have unique set of norms, vocab, and product insignias. Such as Trekkies, or Drag Queens


How does your age subculture effect you?

Bonds you with millions who born same time, such as many mature consumers flocking to paul mccartney concert in Halifax in 2009


How much marketers talk to age subculture?

In their own language


What is a group of consumers of the same approximae age who have similar experiences?

Age cohort


What are the 7 generational categories?

1. Interbellum (born at beginning of 1900)

2. Silent generation (between two world wars)

3. War baby generation (during WWII)

4. Baby boom generation (born 1946-1964)

5. Gen X (1965-1985)

6. Gen Y (1986-2002)

7. Gen Z (2003+)


What is the Nostalgia scale?

It is scale that old items are different to new items, such as:

-They don't make em like they used to

-The good old days

- We are experiencing decline in quality

-Modern business constantly builds a better tomorrow

So can be neg or positive


What is multi-generational marketing strategy?

This is using imagery that appeals to more than one generation.

So baby boomers and teens like iPhones


Youthography points out that what ages are different cohorts but value personal relationships, media and technology?

Youthography points out that the ages of 18-34 are in different cohorts but value personal relationships, media and technology


What % of CDN pop is gen y?

% gen y that belong to vis minority?

How do gen y's feel with global community?

How does Gen Y feel about Canada in the way it welcomes different races and cultures?

• 26.5 percent of the Canadian population
• 20% of Canadians 15-24 belong to a visible minority
• Gen Yers feel they belong to the global community first
• 94% agree that one of the best things about Canada is the way it welcomes different races and cultures


Which Gen are Digital Natives?

Gen Y are first to be Digital Natives


University market prefers what type of brands for ethicality?

Socially responsibility, and brands are looking to attain early brand loyalty


University market in Gen Y is hard to reach?

Yup, especially through conventional media such as TV


What is the youth market and is it big?

What do they focus on?

It is teenages and it is massive

Focus on:
Feel good products
WOM communication


What kind of product usage is popular with teens? (5 things)

1. Experimentation

2. Belonging

3. Independence

4. Responsibility

5. Approval from others


What are vital wants with teens?

Friend, activities and clothing


According to Saatchi and Saatchi, teens have what 4 basic conflicts?

1. Autonomy vs belonging

2. Rebellions vs conformity

3. Idealism vs pragmatism

4. Narcissism vs intimacy


What are 4 rules of engagement for young consumers? (how do you speak to them in ads)

1. Don't talk down

2. Don't try to be what your not, stay true to brand image

3. Entertain them, make it interactive and keep sell short

4. Show that you know what they are going through, but keep it light


Who are tweens?

aged 10-14, and have discretionary income from various sources aspiring to being teens


Generation x is sometimes called what?

Baby Busters, and include 3.7 million baby boomers born between 60 and 66

These are overlooked as small age cohort, but they have changed the world creating companies such as Goog,e YouTube, and Amazon


What are 5 terms for mature market?

1. Elderly

2. boomers

3. Zoomers (boomers with zip)

4. Grey Market

5. Seniors


Baby boomers:

% of pop baby boomer?

today they are ready for what?

Found what type of jobs?

How much healthcare?

Currently are they advertised to a lot?

9.7 million baby boomers in Canada, over 30% of the population
• As teenagers, the Woodstock generation, today ready to retire or already retired
• The boomers found lucrative jobs, getting older and wealthier
• The boomers purchased 80% of all healthcare products in 2007, but they also bought 58% of all cars, and are enjoying 55% of vacations
• Boomers, at present a little overlooked , are set to be a new target for advertisers


Grey Market?

How do marketers see grey market?

Is there role changing?

Is market growing?

Until recently many marketers neglected the grey market
• As this market remains healthy and active, their role has changed rapidly
• The grey market is now a picture of health and activity
• The market grows


What is the fastest foreign age group in Canada?

People over 60, so grey market


What are the 2 types of age and how are marketers responding?

1. Chronological age
(actual # years lived)

2. Perceived age
(how old you feel is better to use)

so marketers are responding to how the seniors feel, not how old they are


The mature market like what two things with ads and product design?

1. Information rich positive advertising

2. Well designed user friendly products and packing that acknowledges physical limitations


What market engages in strategies such as affiliation and self expression for the next chapter of their lives?

Mature market


What are the 4 regions of Canada?

1. Atlantic Canada

2. Quebec

3. Ontario

4. West


What is a grope of people sharing common culture and.or genetic ties?

Ethnic Subculture


What are two ways to target ethnic consumers?

1. fostering inclusiveness

2. Speaking to ethnic groups in their mother tongue


How is ethnic media as a bridge?

Research indicates that minorities prefer and advertising spokesperson form their own group


what is De-ethnicitization of products

Product formerly associated with a specific ethnic group is detached from its roots and marketed to other subcultures

such as bagels, olive oil, and curries


What are largest two ethnic markets in Canada?

British and French


In addition to French and English, what are 4 most dominant mother tongues?

1. Chinese

2. Italian

3. German

4. Ukrainian


French Canadians:

how much of pop%?

What emphasis do they put?

16% of population

Put more emphasis on being well respected and less on intellectual and cultural activities


What is fastest growing minority group?



What are 5 characteristics of Chinese Canadians?

1. Small and diverse

2. Hardworking

3. Above average incomes

4. Education oriented

5. Varied population experiences


In 2006, how many canadians were immigrants?

almost 20%


What are main 4 visible minorities in Canada?

1. Chinese

2. East Indians

3. Filipino

4. Pakistani


What is most ethically diverse city in the world?



How is ethnicity a moving target?

melting pot society makes it hard, and some identify as two or more races on census.

Mixed marriage blur ethnic boundaries, but create opportunities for marketers by offering new products to celebrate multiple heritages


What is the deal with marketers and ethnic stereotypes?

Subgroups can have neg or pos stereotypes, such as Scottish being thrifty, and marketers used these a lot.

But they were used sometimes as crude and unflattering

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