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According to House's revised path-goal theory, a leader's style should vary depending on which of the following?

employee characteristics and environmental factors


Factors that can help participative management (PM) work include all the following except _____.

relationships foster competition and defensiveness


Kim supervises a group of customer service representatives. Kim is respected and well liked by her staff, and she has worked hard to make sure each of them knows how to do their job well. She is responsible for all staffing and reward decisions in her department. In the contingency model, Kim has _____.

high situational control

Kim's leader-member relations are high because she and her people get along well. The task structure is high because the job is routine and unambiguous.


Which of the following is not an employee characteristic of relevance in path-goal theory?

position power

In path-goal theory there are five employee characteristics: locus of control, task ability, need for achievement, experience, and need for path-goal clarity.


Research indicates that women tend to display more _____, while men tend to display more ______.

social leadership; task leadership


House's revision of his theory puts more emphasis on the need for leaders to foster ____

intrinsic motivation through empowerment


Which of the following is a characteristic of transformational leaders?

They encourage people to do exceptional things with trust, commitment, and loyalty to produce significant results and change.

Whereas transactional leaders try to get people to do ordinary things,


When organizations are selecting leaders, research indicates that _____ should be considered more important than intelligence.



Which of the following would be considered a negative interpersonal trait often found in leaders?



Erin, a department manager, is struggling trying to lead a cross-functional team. Most members are other department managers at her level, and they see no reason to do what she asks. Here, Erin has _____.

weak position power

Position power is the dimension of the contingency model that refers to how much power a leader has to make work assignments and reward and punish. More power equals more control and influence.


Amy, the manager of a branch location of a large travel firm, treated company resources as if they were her own and encouraged continued development and training of her employees. She cared about the staff deeply and even organized international volunteering activities to promote their growth. Amy could best be described as which type of leader?


Servant leaders focus on providing increased service to others. Characteristics include belief they are stewards of their employees and resources and commitment to the growth of people


James leads a training and development team. He expects excellence, sets challenging goals, and expresses confidence that each of them is capable of doing their part to meet and exceed the goals. According to revised path-goal theory, James is using a(n) ______ leadership style.


According to revised path-goal theory, those with an achievement-oriented leadership style set challenging goals, emphasize excellence, and demonstrate confidence in employee abilities.


Research shows that followers seek and admire leaders who create feelings of _____.



Regina apologized to Clay for an e-mail that upset him. She said she had chosen an inconsiderate way of stating her idea, and that she'd be happy to discuss it further. Regina is _____.

expressing consideration behavior

Consideration is leadership behavior that expresses concern for employees by establishing a warm, friendly, supportive climate


Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has made sure his employees have health insurance and work in a positive environment. He could best be described as which type of leader?



Which of the following is not positively associated with transformational leadership, according to research?

less group cohesion


Anar congratulated her staff when the team received an industry award for their project, and also sent a companywide e-mail announcing it. Here, Anar is using her ______ power.



In recent studies, the generic influence tactic that employees cite as most used in the workplace is _____.

rational persuasion

There are nine tactics for trying to influence others. The most used is rational persuasion, which is trying to convince someone by using reason, logic, or facts.


Trina is outgoing, warm, and truly inspirational when she talks about where she wants to lead her division. Her employees seem eager to do anything she asks. Because of her personality and not her position, Trina has ______ power.


Referent power is power deriving from one's personal attraction. This kind of power characterizes strong, visionary leaders who are able to persuade their followers by dint of their personality, attitudes, or background.


James manages his employees by carefully monitoring their production, comparing what they do to predicted schedules and desired budgets. James can best be described as a ______ leader.


The primary purpose of task-oriented leadership behaviors is to ensure that people, equipment, and other resources are used in an efficient way to accomplish the mission of a group or organization.