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Why do some aircraft have fuel jettison systems?

To allow the crew to reduce the weight of the aircraft down to or below the max allowable landing weight


Is there any reason why a fuel jettison system might be required on a small aircraft?

Yes, if the max takeoff weight is greater than max allowable landing weight


What are some other names for a single-point fueling system?

Underwing or

pressure fueling system

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Why do multi-engine airplanes have fuel crossfeed systems?

To allow any engine to draw fuel from any tank


The fuel selector valve for a multi-engine aircraft must have at least 3 positions, what are they?





Why do some tanks have internal baffles?

To resist fuel surging or sloshing caused by changes in the attitude of the aircraft

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What are the two types of fuel cells?

Integral (wet wing) and bladder


What does "wet-wing" mean?

Sealed portions of the aircraft wing structure form the fuel tanks


How is the weight of the fuel supported when the bladder type fuel cells are used?

Bladder is supported by the aircraft structure that supports it


Why do turbine engine aircraft have fuel temp indicating systems?

To allow the crew to determine if the fuel is cold enough to form ice crystals


Name four types of fuel quantity gauges currently in use

Sight gauges,


electric, and



Why are electronic (capacitance type) fuel quantity indicating systems more accurate than other types?

They measure the mass of the fuel instead of the volume


What are drip gauges and sight gauges?

Underwing, bayonet-type fuel gauges


What is the purpose of an in-transit light associated with an electrically operated fuel tank shutoff valve?

To indicate that the valve is in motion between one position and another.


For what reason is a fuel jettison system usually divided into two separate, independent systems?

To help maintain lateral stability by jettisoning fuel from a heavy wing if necessary


What procedures should be followed regarding gaskets and seals when replacing fuel system components?

All old gaskets should be replaced with new ones


Is it possible for a fuel system to develop a leak that has no visible evidence such as a stain or spot, and if so, how?

Yes, an internal component such as a valve could develop a leak


How is a fuel tank checked for leaks following a patch or welded repair?

The tank is slightly pressurized with air and the repaired area is leak checked with a soap and water solution


Name some advantages of a single point fueling system

It reduces fueling time,

reduces chances for contamination and fire, and

eliminates damage to the aircraft skin


Why should you wait for a period of time after fueling an aircraft before checking the fuel sumps?

To allow time for water and contaminants to settle to the drain point