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What are the cases called where a sexual predator meets a child or adolescent online, gains youths confidence, and arranges an actual meeting of the two?

Internet Sexual solicitation of youth


What is sexual contact between a child and an adult who is childs relative or caregiver, such as a stepfather called?

Intrafamilial sexual abuse


What is paraphilia in which an adult has a sexual preference for prepubescent children?



What is post-traumatic growth?

Positive life changes and psychological development following exposure to trauma


What is a long term psychological distress suffered by someone who has experienced a terrifying event?

Post traumatic stress disorder


Define sexual assault

-Nonconsensual sexual activity

can be anything from unwanted touching, forced oral, anal, or intercourse.

Can be sexual violence where they are maimed or wounded, or when victim can't give consent


What is the sexual assault of a person by his or her current or former marital or common-law spouse called?

spousal sexual assault


is law for sexual assault gender neutral

yes, applies equally to men and women


% of women reported to be assaulted?

39% of Canadian women


What are the 4 major theoretical views of sexual assault?

1. victim-precipitated

2. psychopathology of sex offenders

3. Feminist

4. Social disorganization


Men who commit sexual assault tent to hold what beliefs?

1. support forced sex

2. lack empathy


for men and women, how many report unwanted sexual contact with an adult or older adolescent by age 16?

18% of women

8% of men


Most sexual abuse of children is committed by who?

Relative or family friend


Most severe psychological symptoms appear with what kind of sexual abuse?

1. perp is close family member who is adult (sibling not so much)

2. sexual contact is extensive involving penetration


What is false memory syndrome?

When you supposedly remember incidents that never actually happen


What are two forms of workplace sexual harassment?

1. sexual coercion if hired or receive an A examples

2. Work or educational environment is made hostile on a sexual and gender basis


A person who believes that a sexually assaulted woman is really a slut who got what she was asking for holds the ________ view of sexual assault.

A person who believes that a sexually assaulted woman is really a slut who got what she was asking for holds the VICTIM-PRECIPITATED view of sexual assault.


Currently, experts believe that __________ is the best label for the responses of sexual assault victims

Currently, experts believe that PTSD is the best label for the responses of sexual assault victims


Does a hostile masculine personality predispose a man to sexual assault?



Does military culture promote sexual assault?



Men use sex to assert power over women. This is part of ________ theory

Men use sex to assert power over women. This is part of FEMINIST theory


Before 1983, how was rape defined by criminal code of Canada?

It was hetero intercourse by a man with a woman who was not his wife

So if you raped wife, not rape

Male could not be victim, only assailant

Needed concrete and physical evidence, and rape complains had to be made immediately after attack


How is sexually assault defined now?

it is gender neutral


Consent cannot be obtained if???

If complainant is drunk, unconscious, shows signs of disagreement, or changes mind


Define sexual assault

Somebody touches you in a sexual way on purpose, directly, or indirectly without your consent?


What is sexual assault with weapon, threats to third party or causing bodily harm

So this is when its just threat, even to say your cousin if you don't have sex with them. But not actual aggravated sexual assault because harm was not done


What is age of consent?

16 years old


If you are under 16, can someone have sex with you?

no, they cannot touch your body for a sexual prose with an part of their body or any object


How can have sex with you if your:



How can have sex with you if your:

12-13: Can consent to someone two years older, but no older

14-15: Can consent to 5 years older, but not older

And you cannot have sex with anyone that is in position of trust, power or authority, for example a coach, minister, employer, teacher etc


What are 3 situations when consent can't happen?

1. When intoxicated

2. When they're underage

3. When you hold authority over them (anyone who really idolizes them or holds them as having power)

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