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Muhammad Ali

An Egyptian leader who revolutionized Egypt after Napoleon invaded(1798) then drew back. He had European commanders teach his troops, began planning for the Suez Canal(finished in 1869) tried to invade Syria and Anatolia.


The Crimean War

1853-54, between the ottomans+Britain+france and Russia. Ottomans etc. won.



A period of reform in the Ottoman Empire, lasting from 1839-1876. It involved military reform, frenchizing of the legal code, the creation of public schools


The young Turks

A group of exiled Turks who liked in Paris. They made some army officers stage a coup in 1908, and put a dummy sultan on the throne of the Ottoman Empire


The McCartney expedition

George McCartney was the leader, an expedition sent by the British to try and expand trade with china(Britain was annoyed that themselves exported so much silver, not actual commodities to China). Happened in 1792


Canton system

A Chinese system that stated that the only port open to outside trade was Canton


Opium war

In 1839, between Britain and China, over opium. China took away a lot of British opium inside the port of canton, Britain got mad, waged war. Britain won


The unequal treaties of China

Include the "Treaty of Nanking" among others, basically a bunch of unfair treaties that China was forced to take between 1840-60 because of britains superior military power(socioeconomic imperialism!)


(Chinese) spheres of influence

How Chinese ports were divided into different areas where certain other powers ruled and could trade


Most favored nation status

Chinese gave it to Britain after the unequal treaties.


The Taipeng Rebellion

Between 1853-64, lead by Hong Xuiquan, mission: drive out the Manchu bc they've lost the Mandate of Heaven



Crazy empress, opposed reform in China


The Boxer Revellion

"Expel the foreign Devils!" In China. Happened after Cixi and the Taipeng rebellion


Catherine the Great

Ruled 1762-96, probably killed her husband to get power, was ruthless and wary of change because it would reduce her power.


Alexander I

The Russian ruler who beat Napoleon in 1812, and participated in the Congress of Vienna, formed a Holy Alliance with Prussia and Austria, then died.


Decembrist revolt

A Russian revolt in 1825. Army officers who wanted reform



Local Russian political councils, created by Alexander II in the late middle 1800s



Anti-west groups in Russia who considered western ness inferior. Anarchists, they killed Alexander II


Matthew Perry/black ships

The American head of an expedition to Japan in 1853, when he got the Japanese to sign "unequal treaties". He came in black ships


Meiji Restoration: how did it happen?

After Japanese civil was in 1868, some people decided to "restore" the old governement. They placed a fake emperor on the throne, but actually had oligarch behind him called "the cult of the emperor"


Meiji Restoration: what did they proceed to do?

Universalized education w Confucian values, reorganized the military and crushed a samurai rebellion in 1877, made a meritocracy w a parliamentary system, industrialized