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What is worship

The act of religious praise, honour and devotion. It is a way for Christians to show their deep love and honour to god


What are the forms of worship

Non liturgical


What’s private worship

When believers praise or honour god in their own home


Why do Christians worship?

To praise and thank god

To ask for forgiveness

To seek gods help for themselves or others

To deepen their relationship with god and strengthen their faith


What type of worship is liturgical

A church service that follows a set structure or ritual


What form down liturgical worship take place

In a church

Priest leads the congregation and may perform symbolic actions

Formal prayers with set responses

Bible passages are read out, there may be a sermon

Music and hymns


Example of liturgical worship

Eucharist for catholic


Anglican churches


Why is liturgical worship important to Christians

Worldwide set order for service that is familiar to everyone

Ritual passed down through generations gives a sense of tradition

Bible reading follow the Christian calendar and teach Christian history and faith


What is non liturgical worship

Service that does not follow a set text or ritual


What form does non liturgical worship take

Takes place in a church

Often focused on bible readings followed by a sermon

May also have prayers and hymns but there is no set order the number and type can change from week to week


Examples of non liturgical worship

Services in non-conformist churches e.g. Methodist, baptist, United reformed


Why is non liturgical worship important to Christians

Serviced can be planned and ordered to shit a certain theme

Non conformist churches place an emphasis on the word of god in the bible


What’s informal worship

Type of non-liturgical worship that is ‘spontaneous’ or ‘charismatic’ in nature


What form does informal worship take

Community or house churches, Quaker worship, charismatic (‘led by the spirit’) worship of the Pentecostal church


Why is informal worship important for Christians

The style of worship in house churches is similar to the worship of early Christians

People can share readings and prayers and can take an active part in church by calling out or speaking without formal training

Service may have an emotional impact with a feeling of personal revelation with God


What’s a prayer

Communicating with god either silently or through words of praise thanksgiving or confession or requests for gods help or guidance


Christians may use set prayers that have been written down and said more than once by more than one person. What’s an example of this?

The Lord’s Prayer which jesus taught to his disciples


Other Christians my use informal prayers what’s this?

Made up by an individual using his or own words

To communicate with god.

Some Christians find they can express their need to god more easily in their own words


Why are prayers important

Gives a sense of peace

Gives strength in times of trouble

Encourages reflection in the middle of a busy life

Enabled Christians to talk and listen to god

Helps Christians to keep a close relationship with god

Helps Christians to accept gods will even if it means suffering


What’s the Lord’s Prayer?

“Our father in heaven, hallowed he your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours now and for ever. Amen.”


When jesus’ Disciples asked him to teach him how to pray what did he answer with

The Lord’s prayer


What do you Christian say the Lord’s prayer as

A model of good prayer, as it combines please to God with asking for one’s needs


What does the Lord’s prayer remind Christians

To forgive others in order to be forgiven, since prayer is only effective if peoples relationships with others are right


What does that remind christians about God (the Lord’s Prayer)

God is the father of the whole Christian community, and it can create a sense of unity when everyone in the congregation says it together


When is the Lord’s prayer often used

In worship and is nearly always said it holy communion, Baptist, marriages and funerals. It is also used in schools and commemoration services in Britain


What is sacraments

Holy rituals through which believers receive a special gift of grace (free gift of God’s love). Some Christian denominations recognise seven sacraments well others acknowledge fewer


What is baptism

The ritual through which a person becomes a member of the Church. It involves the use of water to symbolise that was in the way of sin


What’s infant baptism

It is for babies and young children


What is believers’ baptism

For the people who are old enough to understand the significance of the ritual


How many sacraments do you Catholic and Orthodox Christian to recognise and what are they

Seven: baptism, confirmation, holy communion, marriage, holy orders, reconciliation and the anointing of the sick


What do you Protestant churches recognise within sacraments

I recognise two sacraments – baptism and holy communion – because they believe Jesus taught people to undertake these


Some churches that practised baptism don’t consider it to be a sacrament but

They still consider it to be important


Churches like the Quakers or salvation army do you not see any ritual or cerenomy as a



Through baptism a person…

Imitate Jesus’s baptism by John the Baptist

Becomes a member of the Christian Church

Becomes a child of God

Receipts good saving grace and the Holy Spirit

Cleansed of sin

And his new life with Christ in the Christian community


Who is infant baptism practice bye

United and reformed Christians


Why do some Christians practise infant baptism

Removed original sin( catholic and orthodox belief)

Allows child to be welcome into the Church as soon as possible

The parents can thank God for their new baby and celebrate with family and friends


What happens in infant baptism

So priest or minister Paul’s blessed water over the babies head and says “I baptise you in the name of the Father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit. “

Good parents and parents promised to bring up the child as a Christian

The child is welcomed into the Christian community


Who practices believers’ baptism

Baptists, Pentecostalist


Why do they practice believers baptism

People should be old enough to consciously make a mature decision about their faith

The decision to live a life dedicated to Jesus is what says a person, rather than the baptism itself


What happens at believers baptism

The person is fully immersed in a poor which symbolises cleansing from sin and rising to new life in Christ
When asked whether they are willing to change their lives, the person gives a brief testimony of the faith in Jesus.

The person is baptised “in the name of the Father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit. “


What’s holy communion (Eucharist)

Sacrament that used bread and wine to celebrate the sacrifice of jesus on the cross and his resurrection

It recalls the last supper of jesus, using his words and actions

Christians interpret the meaning of Holy Communion in different ways, but all agree that it brings them closer to each other and to god


What kind of service is Holy communion

One which celebrates and gives thanks for the sacrifice of Jesus’ death and resurrection.


What do catholics, orthodox and some anglicans believe about holy communion

The bread and wine become the body and blood Christ.

Jesus is fully present in the bread and wine.
This is a divine mystery that helps beielevers share in the saving sacrifice of jesus’ death and resurrection


What do protestants believe about the meaning of holy communion

As a reminder of the last supper. They do not believe the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ. Instead, the bread and wine remain symbols of jesus’ sacrifice, which helps believers to reflect on its meaning today


Quote about holy communion

“For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the lords death until he comes”


Impact of holy communion of individuals

Christians receive Gods grace by joining in the sacrifice of jesus

This helps to strengthen their faith

They become closer to god


Impact on communities by holy communion

Brings the community of believers together in unity by sharing the bread and wine

This can provide support and encouragement for those going through a difficult time


Impact on the wider society from holy communion

Holy communion acts as a call to love others in practical ways

It encourages Christians to work for equality and justice for all

Many churches collect money during the service to help support those in need such as the poor or homeless


In most churches the holy communion service has two parts:

The ministry of the word (focuses on bible)

The ministry of holy communion (offering, consecrating and sharing of bread and wine)


What’s the holy communion called in the Orthodox Church

Divine Liturgy

Believed to recreate heaven on earth. Much of the service is held at the altar behind the iconostasis, which is a screen that represents the divide between heaven and earth. The priests passed through the iconostasis using the Royal doors


Holy communion in the catholic and Anglican churches are very similar. What’s the main difference?

Catholics believe bread and wine turn into blood and body of Christ whereas many Anglican’s believe jesus is only present in a spiritual way when the bread and wine are being eaten


Orthodox divide liturgy service include

Liturgy of the word:
Hymns prayer bible readings
Priest comes through royal doors to chant the gospel
May be a sermon

Liturgy of the faithful:
Priest receives win and bread baked by church memebers
Prayers offered for church, local community and the world
Behind the iconostasis the priest says the words of jesus at the last supper
Most of the bread is consecrated as the body and blood of Christ
The priest distributed holy bread and wine on a spoon
Prayers of thanksgiving are said
Unconsecraged pieces of bread are given to people to take home as a sign of belonging to the Christian community


Catholic mass and Anglican holy communion include

Liturgy of the word :
There are three bible readings, a psalm and a homily

The creed is said

Prayers are said for the church, the local community, the world, and the sick and the dead.

Liturgy of the Eucharist:
In the Anglican holy communion, people give a sign of peace to each other
Offerings of bread and wine are brought to the altar
The priest repeats the words of jesus at the last supper over the bread and wine
People say the Lord’s Prayer
In the catholic mass the sign of peace is given at this point
Peiple revieve bread and wine
Preist blessed people and sends them out to live the gospel


Holy communion in the United reform church in cleared

Service begins with him and prayer of praise and Thanksgiving
Bible readings and a sermon Given
Prayers for the world and the needs of a particular people are said
Minister repeats the words and actions of Jesus that last supper
There is an open table so anyone who wishes may receive holy communion
Sometimes the breakfast club beforehand, other times it is broken and passed around by the congregation
Wine is sometimes non-– alcoholic and Is usually distributed and small cups
Service ends with the prayer of Thanksgiving, blessing, and Encouragement to go out and serve God


What’s a pilgrimage

A journey made by a believer to a holy site for religious reasons. As well as making a physical journey into a sacred place, the pilgrim also makes a spiritual journey towards God


A pilgrimage gives many opportunities for...

Prayer and worship and is itself an act of worship and devotion

Two popular pilgrimage sites for Christians are Lourdes (a town in France) and lona (a Scottish island)


Why do on a pilgrimage?

Grow closer to god
Strengthen faith in god
Be forgiven for sin
Reflect on ones life
Pray for something specials
Thank for for a blessing
Seek a cure for illness
Help other pilgrims who are disabled or ill
Experience a holy place
Met other who share the same faith


How could a pilgrimage impact on a christians life?

Better understanding of their faith
Renew their enthusiasm for living a Christian life
Help them to see problems in a new light
Help them to feel cleansed from sin
Help them to feel more connected to the Christian community
Give them s good feeling about helping other pilgrims who are disabled or ill


What’s the significance of the place Lourdes?

Where Mary’s is said to have appeared in a number of visions to a young girl called Bernadette

Mary told Bernadette to dig in the ground and when she did s spring of water appeared

The water is believe to have healing properties and a number of healing miracles are claimed to have taken place here


What are the activities at Lourdes

Bathe in waters of the spring or to help other pilgrims who are ill or disabled to bathe in the waters

Pray for healing or forgiveness

Revise the rosary together


What’s the significance of lona

Where st columns established a monastic community in the 6th century AD

The community now has an ecumenical centre where pilgrims can stay


What activities are there to do in lona

Because it is quiet, peaceful and a place of natural beauty pilgrims can spend time praying reading the bible and reflecting or meditating

Pilgrims can also attend services in the abbey church take part in workshops and visit the island holy or historic sites


What’s a festival

A day or period of celebration for religious reasons


What do festivals help Christians do.

Remember and celebrate the major events in their religion - pricukarly the life, death and resurrection of jesus


What does Christmas commemorate?

The incarnation and the birth of Jesus. Celebrations begin in 25 December and last 12 days ending with epiphany (which recalls the visit of the wise men)


What does easter celebrate

The resurrection of jesus from the dead. Celebrations begin before Easter Sunday and finish with the feast of Pentecost


What’s the incarnation of Jesus

The belief that God becasmr human in jesus


What does light represent at Christmas

Jesus as the light coming into the world of darkness


Why are there nativity scenes at Christmas

Shows baby jesus being born into poverty


Why are there carol services at Christmas

With bible readings remind christians about gods promise of a saviour and the events of jesus’ births


What does the midnight mass signify in Christmas

Reflects the holiness of the night and the joy Christians feel at jesus’ birth


Why do we send Christmas cards and gifts at Christmas

To recall the wise men’s gift to jesus


Why docchristians give to charity at Christmas

Christians give to charity in this time of peace and goodwill because god gave humanity the gift of jesus, his son


What’s the most important Christian festival?



Timeline of easter

Holy Week
Good Friday
Saturday night
Easter Sunday


What happens in Holy Week

Remembers the events leading up to jesus crucificion, including his arrest and trial


What happened on good Friday

Special serviced and processions led by a person csrrying a cross


What happens on Saturday night

Some churches hold a special service to celebrate Christ’s’ resurrection
Orthodox Christians walk with candles in procession, then enter the dark church as if going into jesus’ empty Tomb
The priest announces ‘Christ is risen!’ To which people answer ‘he is risen indeed’
Catholics and Anglican’s have a vigil that begins in darkness before the paschal candle is lit to symbolise the risen Christ. The service ends with holy communion


What happens on Easter Sunday

Churches are filled with flowers and special hymns are sung to rejoice at jesus’ resurrection

Serviced are held st sunrise and shared breakfasts include eggs toxsymbolise new life


What is the Church

The holy people of God, also called the Body of Christ, among whom Christ is present and active

Building in which Christians worship


Individual churches and the church as a whole help the local community in a variety of ways including :

The provision of food banks. These give food for free to people who cannot afford to buy it


What do the individual churches as a whole do to help the community :

Educate people about Christianity (eg Bible study groups)
Are meeting places for prayer and worship
Provide activities for younger people (eg youth clubs)
Are places where Christians can socialise and obtain spiritual guidance


What does the church as a whole do to help the community

Supports local projects such as food backs
Provides social services such as schooling and medical care
Help those in need
Campaigns for justice


Quote for Christians thinking of the Church as the followers of Jesus who together are th body of Christ on the earth

“And God placed all things under his [Jesus’] feet and appointed him to be head over everything for the church, which is his body”


What are the two organisations who’s work is based on Christian principles (such as the parable of the sheep and the goats)

The trussell trust
The oasis project


What does the trussell trust do

Charity running over 400 food banks in uk
Provide emergency food, help and support for people in crisis in uk
Non-perishable food is donated by churches, supermarkets, schools, businesses and individuals
Doctorys, health visitors and social workers identify people in crisis and issue them with a food voucher
Their aim is to bring religious and non-religious people together to help poverty and hunger


What is the oasis project

Community hub run by Plymouth Methodist mission circuit

Provides an Internet cafe, creative courses, a job club, training opportunities, a meeting place and a food bank.

Spiritual and practical help is Given to those in need because of ill health, learning disablitkues, domestic violence, substance abuse, low income and housing problems


Christians should help others in the local community because Jesus taught that people should show agape love which is

I replica word meaning selfless sacrificial unconditional love


Christians believe it is important to put the faith into action how did they do

Through many organisations and projects that help vulnerable people in the community


What are Street pastors

People who are trying to patrol the streets in urban areas. They help honourable people by providing a reassuring presence on the street


Do you to store the question should help others by sharing agape love towards them, for example...

In the parable of the sheep and the goats, jesus teaches Christians they should give practical help to people in need


What are two examples of Christian organisations that provide practical help to local communities

Street pastors and parish nursing ministry’s UK


“To show that Christians believe it is very important to take practical action to help others

“Faced by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. “


Information on street pastors

Initiative started in London in 2003 by the Christians charity that Ascension trust
Adult volunteers are trained to patrol the streets in urban areas
Main aim originally was to challenge gang culture and knife crime in London
Focused then widened to responding to drunkenness antisocial behaviour and fear of crime
Street pastors work closely with police and local councils
Listen to peoples problems advise on where they might get help and discourage antisocial behaviour
Similar group called the school pastors were set up in 2011 to discourage illegal drug use bullying and antisocial behaviour in schools


Information on parish nursing ministries UK

Christian charity supports whole person health care through the local church
They provide churches with registered partially nurses to promote well-being and body mind and spirit among the local community
The nurses help to provide a early diagnosis of health problems
They train and coordinate volunteers to help combat loneliness or provide support during times of crisis
They give additional help to the NHS
Thank urge people to exercise and have a good diet
They focus on the whole person including listening to people and praying with them if asked direct people to specific services if needed


What’s the mission

Evocation or calling to spread the face. The church has a mission to turn on believers such Jesus Christ the son of God him into the world as a saviour


What do Christians spread the faith through

Evangelism (showing faith in jesus by example or by telling others)

They do this to fulfil jesus’ instructions to the disciples to spread his teachings (the great commission)


Quote about what the great commission involves

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you”


Jesus gave a great commission to his disciples to spread the gospel and make disciples of all nations through baptism
The Holy Spirit at Pentecost gave the disciples the ...

Gifts and courage needed to carry out the great commission
All Christians have a duty to spread the gospel and tell others of their faith, but some become missionaries or evangelists (people who promote Christianity, for example by going to foreign countries to preach or doccharitable work)

The aims of missionary work and evangelism are to persuade people to accept jesus as their saviour and to extend the church to all nations


What’s alpha

An example of evangelism in Britain


When was alpha started

In London by an Anglican priest with the aim of helping church members understand the basics of the Christian faith


What’s the alpha course now used as

An introduction for those interested in leaving about Christianity by different Christian denominations in Britain and abroad


Where are courses of alpha held

In homes
It’s an opportunity to explore the meaning of life through talks and discussions


How many people in the world claim to be s Christian

Up to a third of the worlds population and 80,000 peiple become Christians each day


What’s an example of a Christian organisation that promotes evangelism

Christ for all nations


What are ways that Christians can spread faith

Advertising and using media (such as de boom, twitter or premier Christian radio)

Praying for others to accept god

Sharing what god has done for them with others

Inviting people to Christian meetings, fellowship meals and social events


How many new churches are formed everyday



Where is the Church growing?

South America Africa and Asia
Not in USA Europe and Middle East as this is where Christians have been persecuted


What is the churches mission

To make disciples, not just new believers. This means new Christians are also expected to help spread the faith


What’s christ for all nations an example of

A Christian organisation promoting evangelism

They do holding evangelistic meetings throughout the world but particularly in Africa

Led by the evangelists Richard bonnke and Daniel Koke day

Some of their large open-air rallies held in Africa have drawn crowds up to 1.6 mill

Claimed many miracles of healing take place at these meetings

Christ for all nations claims that 74 million people have filled in decision cards to follow Christ at their meetings


What’s the worldwide church mission

To restore people’s relationship with god and with one another


What’s reconciliation

Restoring harmony after relationships have been broken down


The church plays an important role in reconciliation...

Through initiatives to develop peace and understanding



Christina’s believe humans were

Reconciled to god through jesus’ death and resurrection.

This means jesus’ death and resurrection helped to restore the relationship between god and humanity which had been broken by sin

For catholics, the sacrament of reconciliation also helps to restore peiple relationship with god

Matthew 5:23-24 teaches that Christians should b ereconciled to each other

Reconciliation is therefore an important part of the church’s work this might involve anything from trying to restore relationships between individual people, to working for peace beteeen different forums or nations at conflict


Quote showing that humanity’s relationship with god was restored (or reconciled) through the death of jesus

“For if, while we were god enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his son, hoe much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life”


Examples of organisations working for reconciliation

Irish churches peace project

World council of churches

Community of the cross of nails

Corrumeela community


Info on the Irish churches peace project

Bring catholics and Protestants together in Northern Ireland

Project aims to develop peace and understanding between these two denominations


Info on the world council of Churches

Works for reconciliation between different Christian denominations and members of other faiths

Eg the pilgrimage of justice and peace initiative supports inter-religious dialogue and cooperation


Info on community of the cross of nails

After bombing of Coventry cathedral in world war||, local Christians showed forgiveness to those responsible and the cathedral became a world centre for peace and reconciliation
The cathedral is home to the community of the cross of nails which works with partners in other countries to bring about peace and harmony


Info on the world council of churches

Works for reconciliation between different Christian denominations and members of other faiths

Eg the pilgrimage of justice and peace initiative supports inter-religious dialogue and cooperation


Info on the corrymeela community

Brings together people from different backgrounds including people of different faiths or political learnings

They meet at a residential centre in Northern Ireland to build trust and explore ways of moving away from violence so they can work together constructively


Christians have faced persecution from the beginning of the church and are still persecuted worldwide today. What does persecution mean?

Hostility and ill-treatment


For some Christians persecution can have positive effects such as

It can strengthen their faith allow them to share in jesus’ sufferings and even inspire others to become Christian


How do church help people who are persecuted

Through prayer, practical help and finianxial support and by raising awareness of persecution and campaigning agains it


What exactly is persecution?

The international society for human rights estimates 80% of all acts of religious discrimination today are aimed at Christians

These persecution happens around the world, but particularly in countries such as North Korea, Somalia, Iraq and Syria it might involve:
-forced to pay extra tax
-job discrimination
-being forbidden to build churches
-attack’s in Christian homes, churches and families, including murder