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what major concept is introduced in this chapter and by who

- the "beastie" is mentioned to the group of the boys
- by a young boy who is encouraged to hold the conch by the littluns


how does ralph and the other boys respond to the claims of the "beastie" that the boy was afraid of lurking in the jungle

they dismissed his claims as a nightmare


what is Jack's response to the claims of the beastie and what does it show

- he doesnt fully agree with ralph in dismissing the claim
- and instead says that "they'll make sue when they go hunting"
- it shows how jack believes he has control over the island


what happens regarding the signal fire that was made

- ralph assigns looking after the signal fire to the hunters so that it doesnt burn out
- however, the fire goes out of control and begins burning the forest
- piggy discovers this and the boys watch the fire destroy the forest


what does piggy respond to ralphs claims of the needing rules

piggy says "we've got to have rules and obey them. after all, we're not savages."


what happens to the rules ralph and piggy said they were going to make

- they were never set in stone
- so they boys carried on living on the island going day by day, following the heat of the day, and the cool of the night
- they lived by impulse, which is one of the main characteristics of an animal or savage


after the fire, what is discovered and how were the boys reaction

- they realised that the boy with the birthmark was missing
- they were described as "the crowd was as silent as death"


what is the major turning point at the end of chapter two

after the discovery of the boy missing, the fears of the beast begin to become more real. the seed of doubt has been planted in the boys hearts


what is highlighted through out chapter 3

jack and the other hunters learning how to hunt


what is jack described as at the beginning of chapter 3

- "more animal than human"
- a lot of beast and animistic similes are used to describe his movement
- "his nose only a few inches from the humid earth"


what is the significance of how jack is described in the beginning of chapter 3

- its telling us that jack has embraced the situation he is in now
- he has abandoned the civilisation he knew before and is now succumbing to the natural ways of the jungle


what is the tone of chapter 3 and how is it set

- jack's description at the beginning sets up the tone of the chapter as one of change and fear


what does ralph say to jack with audibly presents the conflict in the voices of these two

- "you remember the meeting:? how everyone said they were going to work hard until the shelters were finished?"
- jack dismisses ralph's question


what did jack say about how he fells while he is hunting and what was his response to it + what is the interpretation

- jack said that when he hunts, he feels as though he is being hunted too
- however, he dismisses it as just a feeling
- the feeling of being hunted could be savagery hunting jack down as he hunts for pigs
- the more he hunts, the closer savagery creeps up on jack


after the boys begin too say that this place "isnt a good island" what does ralph say which changes the tone of the chapter

- ralph tuns the conversation into getting rescued and says
- "the best thing we can do is get ourselves rescued"


what conflict is displayed between jack and ralph after ralph suggests that they should think of a way of getting rescued

- jack instead wants to hunt and kill a pig
- and shows his disinterest in getting rescued
- this foreshadows how he and the hunters will not play be ralphs ruled in getting rescued in the next chapter