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Define the Problem Definition

Statement of the GENERAL marketing research problem and its SPECIFIC COMPONENTS


What did Meister Brau do?

Introduced Light Beer. They conducted marketing research, and they researched taste preferences to beer (which was good), but product still failed.

So men didn't drink it because of positioning


Miller introduced a light beer. What kind of research did they do?

Miller's market research showed that mens attitudes had to be changed about light beers. So it employed cognitive dissonance with sport personalities to sell beer


What are the some variables to the environment context of the problem

1. Past information and forecasts
2. Resources and constraints
3. Objectives
4. Buyer behaviour
5. Legal Environment
6. Economic Environment
7. Marketing and technological skills


What are the tasks involved in Problem definition

1. Discussion with Decision-makers
2. Interviews with Industy Experts
3. Secondary Data Analysis
4. Qualitative Research


What is a problem audit?

This is determining whether the satisfying the MRP will actually add value


What are key-informant interviews?

These are interviews with industry experts for help with clarifying Research Question


What are the 5 steps to key-informant interviews?

1. Introduction (gain credibility)
2. Key Questions
3. Probing Questions (follow-up Qs to go deeper)
4. Closing Questions
5. Summary (summarize main points)


What is primary and secondary data?

Primary is data collected by researcher for specific research problem.

Secondary data is collected for another purpose, and can be from another source such as STATCAN


Define Qualitative research

An unstructured and exploratory research methodology based on small samples.
Primary data can be obtained at low cost such as with focus groups, word association tests, depth interviews etc


In terms of information, what is the diff with MDP (managerial decision problem) and MRP?

MDP is what they need to do, and MRP is the info they need


In terms of ____, what is the diff with MDP (managerial decision problem) and MRP?

gonna have to fill in rest of this slide


What are the three stages in conceptual map to define MDP based on MRP?

1. Take an Action (management wants to)
2. Topic (So we should study)
3. Question (in order to explain...)


So for the MDP "Should we introduce a new product?" what is the Action, Topic, and Question?

Action: Managements wants to decide whether to introduce a new product?

Topic: Therefore, we should study if it satisfies a target market's consumer needs

Question: So that we can explain, "what is consumers perception of competitor's products?", or/and "what is consumer's evaluation of our new product"


So for the MDP "Should we start a sales promotion?" what is the Action, Topic, and Question?

Action: Managements wants to decide whether to start a sales promotion

Topic: Therefore, we should study possible response to sales promotion

Question: So that we can explain, "impact on brand image" and/or "likelihood to buy"


What are three mistakes in problem definition?

1. Detmining managerial problem incorrectly
2. Misidentifying the info required to make a managerial decision
3. Defining the pobrlem too narrowly or too widely


What are two problems with defining a problem too narrowly?

1. Preclude consideration of some courses of action
2. Prevents researcher from addressing important components of the problem


What are the two problems with defining a problem too widely?

1. Too broad to handle in a given research project
2. Difficult to develop a specific approach and design


What are the three steps to define MRP?

1. First state MRP in general terms
2. Then state MRPs al components (all key aspects of problem)
3. Helps with avoiding defining too narrowly or too widely


What are 4 key factors that influence consumers decisions to buy our product?

1. Perception of our brand name among target market
2. Perception of our competitors brands
3. Which features do consumers like/dislike
4. What features do consumers like to see in our products


What are two research design phase components?

1. Decide how to measure each component
2. Decide on most suitable method (feasibility, cost-effectiveness, high-quality data?)


How can the decision maker influence problem definition unethically?

1. Just to gain a promotion
2. Justify a decision they already made


What are two unethical things a researcher can do during problem definition?

1. Propose a problem that can be solved with a cheaper project that the client may not be aware of
2. Suggest a simpler problem because researcher is busy with other clients


Was the Meister Brau market research too narrow or brad?

It was too narrow, because they only looked at whether people liked the taste of their beer, not their attitudes about "light" labelling

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