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When was the colonial society established by France?

The 17th century


What happened in 1608?

The founding of the city of Québec and was the first permanent settlement for the French.


What is mercantilism?

An economic theory in which the prosperity and power of a nation are based on the accumulation of precious metals


What are raw materials?

A natural resource that has not yet been transformed into a consumer product


What is monopoly?

The exclusive exploitation of a source by a merchant or company


What is a mother country?

A state that has colonies or territories beyond its borders

(i.e France is the mother country to New France


What was the relationship between France, New France and mercantilism? What was their economic goal?

New France would give France beaver pelts in which they used to manufacture fur hats to sell to other European countries to gain money (precious coins).


What are trading posts?

Establishments used by Europeans in order to trade raw materials and to protect the interests of the mother country.


What are settlement colonies?

Territories appropriated by European powers in order to exploit raw materials and settle colonists


What did the king do to better control the territory and protect the fur trade in the early 17th century?

He granted merchants or chartered companies the monopoly of the fur trade., in exchange to bring over colonists


Who founded the city of Québec in 1608?

Samuel de Champlain


What does Québec stand for?

The narrowing of rivers


Why was the Vallée du Saint-Laurent used to settle the first permanent settlement (City of Québec)?

The narrowing of rivers to spot the comings and goings of ships
The territory was frequented by Native allies
The Rivière Saint-Charles, which in close proximity, served as a waterway for Native people to transport furs.


When did the first french colonists appear? Who were they?

In 1617. It was Louis Hébert, his wife Marie Rollet and their three kids.


What were the relations established between the French and the Natives? (Economically and religiously)

Economically: to strengthen ties with the Native people to who obtained fur for the French since the French were not familiar with the territory

Religiously: to evangelize Native people