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When faced with a business problem, Sally, a young grocery store owner, discusses business problems with Don, the assistant manager and an employee for over 30 years. Sally believes Don "has seen it all" and knows there are few really new ideas; plus the business has done many simple things, such as offering friendly service, to have a competitive edge. This is an example of _____ management.



Within his company, Greg has set up a system with inputs, outputs, transformation processes, and feedback. Within his organization, he utilizes a management style that varies according to the individual and environmental situation, with a strategy for minimizing errors by managing each stage of production. Greg is utilizing a _______ perspective.



A computer manufacturer is seeking to cut costs by designing an inventory system that reduces the number of finished products in stock due to overproduction and to set in place a production schedule that better matches customers' orders. This is an example of ____.

operations management


Donna, a chef in a fine restaurant, utilizes top-of-the-line equipment as she prepares meals for customers. Donna and her equipment are a(n) ______ in the restaurant's system.



Susan, a movie theater manager, has observed that as workers feel some company policies are not fair, the employees have not been working as hard as in the past. This reduction in effort is known as ____.



The management of a facility that manufactures parts for car brakes has a policy of testing only some of the items in each production run to locate errors. This is an example of the ______ technique.

quality control


A large production company has been utilizing the Hawthorne effect in its 12 international factories, and it has seen great success from implementing the Hawthorne principles that propose that ____.

giving more attention to employees increases worker productivity, if they think managers care about them


Mateo, an IT manager, has been studying the work methods of each task to increase the productivity of the employees in his department. Mateo is utilizing ____.

scientific management


The contemporary perspective consists of three viewpoints: ____.

systems, contingency, quality management


Dominique, an executive chef in a large hotel, recently attended a training conference sponsored by several top professionals in his field, where he learned numerous ways his restaurant and hotel can better serve customers. Dominique is excited that management asked him to present this information to the hotel staff so the restaurant and hotel can make needed improvements. Dominique's hotel is a(n) _____ organization.



Sal, a production manager, knows that some of his employees are upset with the new corporate policy, and as a result, are participating in soldiering. To eliminate soldiering Sal can ___.

carefully select workers according to their abilities and give workers training


Gabriel, the CEO of a large global production company, is excited about the introduction of statistics and computer simulations in the design stage of their products. This is an example of _____.

quantitative techniques


For years ABC Copier, a copier machine supplier, enjoyed strong sales and a huge share of the copier market, far ahead of its competition. However, over the years, ABC seldom asked customers for feedback. So when some of ABC's competition responded to what customers need and started offering copiers with new technology, ABC lost much of its market share. ABC utilizes a(n) ____ system.



Amy is a package delivery service manager. She is interested in implementing the management philosophy pioneered by Frederick W. Taylor and Frank and Lillian Gilbreth, which scientifically studies work methods to improve the productivity of individual workers, known as ____.

scientific management


When Cheyanne, the manager, was discussing a difficult competitive problem with the owner, she asked, "What management approach do you think will work best in this situation?" Asking this question to determine a solution is utilizing ____.

the contingency viewpoint


That organizations should be operated as "communities," with managers and subordinates working together in harmony, is one of the proposals of ____.

Mary Parker Follett


The Jones family had a fire that destroyed their home. Various departments of a restoration company, from the initial cleanup crew to the assistance with the Jones family moving back in, worked together to achieve this goal. This is an example of a(n) ____.



When a line cook in a restaurant cooks a raw hamburger to become part of the Super Burger Special, this is an example of a ____.

transformation process


Joseph Juran defined quality as "fitness for use," which meant that ____.

a product or service should satisfy a customer's real needs


The systems viewpoint sees organizations as entities made up of interrelated parts known as ____.

inputs, outputs, transformation processes, feedback