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Programs that primarily work to establish and develop the resources needed to counter hazards and threats to safety through prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery.

Fire and Life Safety Initiative Programs


Fire and Life Safety Initiative Programs may also be called what in other communities?

Community Risk Reduction Programs


What is the goal of a Fire and Life safety program?

TO encourage and empower citizens in your community to act in a safe manner to reduce the potential for fires, accidents, or injuries.


The program helps firefighters prepare for threats beyond their control, make plans to reduce the potential for injury or loss, and respond efficiently during the what?

Post incident period


Follows a five step process that communities can use to develop a risk reduction program.

Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment. (THIRA)


What are the five steps in a THIRA?

Identify the threat and hazard. Give the threat and hazard context. Examine the core capabilities. Set Capability Targets. Apply the result.


Requires a review of historical data, trends, and statistical analysis.

Identifying the threat and hazard.


Threats and hazards are divided into these three categories.

Natural hazards. Technological hazards. Threats or human cause hazards.


Explanation of the conditions under which the threat or hazard might occur is developed. Includes a possible time and location as well as the portion of the population that would be at the greatest risk.

Give the Threats Context


The effects of the threat or hazard are combined with the outcomes the community wants with in a reasonable time. This is then compared to the capabilities of the community to see if it can be meet. Mutual aid agreements and contingency plans are made to meet the need.

Examine Core Capabilities.


Set targets and goals that will result in the greatest benefit within the desired time frame.

Set Capability Targets


With assessment result jurisdictions can develop action plans, coordinate activities with other levels of government, purchase materials, and educate the public.

Apply Results


A good model to deliver a fire prevention program is the five E's. What are they?

Education. Enforcement. Economic Incentives. Engineering. Emergency Response.


How do fire departments implement Enforcement?

Building, Fire, and Life Safety code enforcement.


While the Engineering portion is usually the responsibility of manufactures, designers, and contractors, the installation and use are usually mandated by what?

Federal, State, or local laws and regulations.


Is designed to inform citizens about unsafe behaviors and provide information on how to change those behaviors.

Fire and Life Safety Education.


What three things must you know to be effective in your fire and life safety education?

The hazard you want to prevent. The messages that apply. The audience for the message.


A condition that would increase the likely hood of a fire starting or contribute to the size/spread of a fire.

Fire Hazard.


Unsafe behaviors or actions that can result in injury, death, or property damage not associated with a fire.

Safety Hazard


What percent of accidents are caused by unsafe behavior? What percent of accidents are caused by unsafe conditions?

Behavior = 96% Conditions = 4%


Name three categories of hazards that can benefit from fire and life safety education.

Unsafe Behaviors. Unsafe Conditions. Hazardous Processes.


May exist temporarily or as a constant function of an industrial or manufacturing site.

Hazardous Processess


How can hazardous processes be reduced?

Enforcement of codes, inspections, and education.


What are the four categories that fire and life safety messages can be broken into?

Prevent (fire and burns). Prepare ( for a fire emergency). Protect (yourself in a emergency). Persuade (other to be safe).


What is the Danger Zone around a oven?



Candles should be keep how far away from other combustibles?



Space heaters should be keep how far away from combustibles?



Set water heaters to what temp?

120 f


Name the five age ranges that fire and life safety messages can be broken into.

Preschool. Elementary. Middle School. High School. Adults. Older Adults.


What is the youngest group that fire and life safety messages can be effectively taught?

Preschool 3-5 years