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Are needs those things that we need for survival?

No, they are things that we need such as self actualization etc. So a very extroverted person who socializes a lot and travelling alone is going to want a hotel with a really great bar. Because that is where they will satisfy their social need


What are 5 frequently asked questions about customer expectations?

1. What does a service marketer do if the customer's expectations are unrealistic?
2. Should a company try to delight their customers
3. How does a company exceed customer service expectations
4. Do customer service expectations continually escalate?
5. How does a service company stay ahead of competition in meeting customer expectations


Should companies try to delight their customers?

Well this could result in a spiralling rising expectations. A good strategy is a sustainable competitive advantage


When does the greatest gap between customer expectations and service delivery exist?

When customers travel from one country to another. Like japan being customer service superstars, and Canada being just ok


What are customer expectations?

Beliefs about service delivery that serve as standards or reference points against which performance is judged


What is the first and possibly most critical step to delivering quality service?

Knowing what the customer expects (the customer expectations)


What are the 5 levels of possible customer expectations from low to high?

1. minimum tolerable expectations (shitty service, good price)

2. Acceptable expectations (Its ok)

3. Experience Based norms (good, but slow when busy)

4. Normative "should" expectations (real expensive, better be really good)

5. Ideal expectations of desires (this is the best restaurant in town, I'm expecting something incredible)


What are the dual customer expectation levels?

Desired Service (I want my uni to find me a job)

Adequate service (They'll try, but I understand if they can't)


What is the zone of tolerance?

This is the space in-between the desired service level and adequate service level.


What if your above zone of tolerance for customer?

They will be very pleased and probably surprised as well


What if your below zone of tolerance for customer?

They will be frustrated and most likely dissatisfied with company


How can a customers zone of tolerance change?

It can contract and expand. An example is a woman running late for her plane, so the time zone of tolerance for the barista making her drink is a lot less.


The fluctuation in a customers zone of tolerance is more a change in _______ service level, than _____ service level

The fluctuation in a customers zone of tolerance is more a change in ADEQUATE service level, than DESIRED service level

because the adequate service level is a lot more dependant on situational circumstances (such as running late for something)


What are the three major influences on the "desired service" level?

1. Personal needs
(so hungry man straight from work is gonna want a hotdog at bball game than recently fed man)

2. Personal service philosophy
(So someone who believes how service should be delivered, water to table etc. Strong with service industry veterans such as myself)

3. Derived service expectations
(So this is when you also have the weight of other people to consider, such as your customers. If I use a SM tool, I would consider the clients I'm catering to with its capabilities)


What are three factors that influence adequate service levels?

1. perceived service alternatives
2. Situational factors
3. predicted service


How do perceived service alternatives affect your adequate service levels?

So the lack of alternatives reduces the fluctuations. Such as a girl living in a small town with one tiny airport. She's not going to be complaining of limited flight options as much as if a big city girl would if she couldn't find a flight to Miami in a New York minute.


How do the two types of situational factors affect your adequate service levels?

uncontrollable situational factors: These usually temporarily lower the adequate level of services and widen the zone of tolerance. So hurricane katrina made New Orlean guests at the Ritz a lot more forgiving during the catostrophe to lower service

Personal Situational Factors: These raise the adequate level of services, and narrow zone of tolerance. So if your window gets broken on your BMW, your gonna want that shit fixed and be anxious for them to give you quick service


How does predicted service affect your adequate service levels?

This is the level of service customers think they are going to get


What are the 4 factors that influence predicted service, as well as desired service to a degree?

1. Explicit service promises

2. Implicit service promises

3. Word of mouth communication

4. Past Experience


What does a service marketer do if customer expectations are unrealistic?

They should actually ask the customers themselves, and then act on their feedback or inform them of why it is the way it is. They can also communicate ways they are improving based on feedback


Should a company try to delight the customer?

So you have musts, satisfied, and delights levels of a service. Be careful when you delight, although it may lead to repeat customers, it costs a lot, and the benefits must outweigh the costs. If they choose to delight, do so in areas that cannot be copied by other firms


How does a company exceed customer service expectations?

So you can be like Ritz and collect information about the customer to really delight them with things like favourite flowers on the nightstand.

Or you can deliberately under promise and then over perform the service.

Or you can position a service as a temporary unusual stint. So serving beverages on a super short flight where its not expected and saying this is just for the one time.


Do customers service expectation continually escalate?

Yes, adequate service levels can rise real quick! Desired service expectations doesn't really fluctuate as much though


How does a service company stay ahead of competition in meeting customer expectations?

So one is letting the customer know that you have the best service in the area if its true, and the other is bringing the adequate service expectation a little lower by saying something, and letting them discover it's better than the norm. Such as saying an apartment usually as 100-150 defects, but the tenants only found 30.

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