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when does the vendor switch responsibility of LOSS over to the owner

after final inspection or upon payment in full to the vendor- whichever happens first


who is responsible for delivery and installation

the vendor


as the owner's agent, do you have the authority to stop work on the project

no. only the owner can do that


who authorizes change orders

the owner. ID prepares, ID authorizes


who provides the contractor with copies of the drawings and project manuals

the owner


who does the contractor report problems to

the owner


what should a contractor do if he notices your drawings don't match code. If he doesn't let you know, then what happens

let you know in writing

if he does nothing, the contractor assumes full responsibility for the work and will pay to make it right


when must you issue a change order

when a modification is made to the contract cost or the contract time


if something the contractor built does not conform to the contract documents, can the owner accept it

yes but it must be done via a written change order cause it changes the contract


why are supplementary conditions used

because not every condition can be covered in a standard document, so each job is customized.


what are some examples of supplementry conditions of a contract

cost for the ID to review the contractor's requests for substitutions
reimbursement by the contractor for extra site visits made necessary by the fault of the contractor