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Collection of info on both current health status and ideal health status of a group of individuals at a site and formalized approach to collecting data in order to identify needs of a group of individuals.

Needs Assessment


Needs assessments reflect what three levels of influence in the ecological health perspective

Interpersonal, Interpersonal, and Population


Results of a needs assessment can be used to what?

1. Help advocate health resources
2. Establish a baseline against which to gauge the effectiveness of the program


Conceptualized as the difference btw what is at the present time and what should be under more ideal circumstances



What is the first dimension of health?

Physical Health


Being free from pain, physical disability, chronic and infectious diseases m, and discomforts that require attention?

Physical health


What is the ability to deal constructively with reality, adapt to change, and cope with adversity?

Mental Health


Alterations in thinking, mood, or behaviors that impair a person's relationships with others in their environment. Typically affects 20% of the populations in the United States.

Mental illness


What term means stability of an instrument meaning the same results will be obtained each time the instrument is given the same sample of subjects

Test-Retest Reliability


What are the dimensions of assessing health focusing on the individuals

Physical, Mental, Social, Environmental, and Spiritual


What term means a variety of diseases that's included in physical health ?



What term means the number and variety of deaths included in physical health?



What is the third dimension or health that deals with educational status of a population, level of poverty, crime rates and others?

Social health


What is the fourth dimension of health which includes external conditions and influences that affect health, growth, and development?

Environmental health


What is the final dimension of health that includes conceptualization of level of sense of purpose in life and other factors?

Spiritual health


Where are the four health promotion sites located?

Schools, workplace, health care organization, and community


Mental health status assessment of a population requires what?

Requires associations be made between the numbers of individuals with various mental disorders and number who obtain care from mental health professionals.


Thorough and accurate assessment of site to determine what resources are available in setting to address identified health concerns and problems?

Capacity assessment


What are the two major categories of data?

Primary and secondary data


Which data is the new original data that did not exist before, obtained directly from individuals at the site. It collects surveys, interviews, focus groups, and observations?

Primary data


Which data exists bc they were collected by someone for another purpose such as healthy people info, vital records, census data, and peer-reviewed journals?

Secondary data


Which data may not include some information, the data may be old, or the data may not have been correctly collected?

Secondary data


Which data is more expensive and time consuming?

Primary data


What two categories can information be collected as?

Quantitative and Qualitative


Which data is statistical information such as one would typically find in professional journals such as percentages, means, and correlations?

Quantitative data


Which type of data includes fewer numbers, narrative, interviews, focus groups, public hearings, and observational methods?

Qualitative data


What are the four basic steps of needs assessments?

Determining the scope of the assessment, gathering data, analyzing the data, and reporting and sharing the findings


Which step is working with the key informants and stakeholders to determine the scope of work and purpose?

Determine the scope


Which step includes retrieving only needed data that is culturally appropriate tailored to the target population and setting?

Gathering the data


Which step includes using clear methods that people can understand?

Analyze the data