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Federalist who should rule

Federalist very broad thought the wealthy and educated people should rule big status


Federalists interpretation of the Constitution

Broad loose all laws necessary and proper liked elastic clause


Conflict over national bank and what is the elastic clause

Tax money in common currency needed to be put somewhere that was the national bank lots of currencies over US nothing was common Washington side with Hamilton there was a national bank

Elastic clause is where the government can do anything that is necessary and proper


Democratic Republicans interpretation of the Constitution

Narrow strict only do what what is in the constitution


How did the Supreme Court’s power change after Marbury V Madison judicial review

The power increased because they got judicial reviewWhere they could throw out an act or law if it was was unconstitutional


Federalist economy was based on

Industry big business economy


Significance of whiskey rebellion

Showed how powerful the government was under the constitution


Fourth amendment

Unreasonable search or seizure


Democratic Republicans who should rule

Average people with small status Jefferson believed everyone should have access to public education so they could make the right decision


Bill of rights

- why were the bill of rights with written and what influence them

State constitutions and the colonists dealing with a monarchy they were written to protect the people’s rights


Why did Jefferson and Madison write the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions

They wanted to know if I the alien and sedition acts they were unconstitutional


Explain the neutrality proclamation

The US would not take sides in the French revolution between France and Britain


Alien acts

Immigrants waited 14 years for citizenship they could be deported or imprisoned if they threaten the US or were a threat to the US


Democratic Republicans economy based on

Agriculture and small farms Jefferson raised in a planter family


Evidence supports the claim

Evidence strengthens the claim


Fifth amendment

Due process same kind of trial fair


What was the XYZ affair

French seizing American ships Jefferson sends three diplomats XY& Z French offered to stop if ransom was paid Jefferson for threatened war


Eighth amendment

Prevents excessive bail crow punishments and unusual punishments no torture


The sedition acts

Violated First Amendment criticizing government verbally or written punishable by prison or fine


Washington’s farewell address three urges

Avoid political parties avoid accumulating debt stay isolated from Foreign fairs keep neutrality


What was Washington’s challenge with the Economy tariff and compromise between

There was a big problem with national debt Hamilton propose the 5% tariff on imported goods capital moved to south south help to pay debt


Mccratic Republican leader position and Washington’s cabinet

Leader Thomas Jefferson position Secretary of State or foreign affairs


Source a document

Pick a primary source that is best to support the claim to make it the truest and strongest possible


10th amendment

States control any powers not stated for the government in the constitution


Federalist leader and position and Washington’s cabinet

Leader Alexander Hamilton position secretary of the treasury


First amendment

Freedom of speech religion assembly petition and press