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what is a vaqueros and what was their main job?

cowhand who did important work on a rancho. There job was to round up the cattle


what is a reata?

lasso made of strong leather strips that was used to catch animal around the neck


what was a brand?

mark burned into a cow's hide to show which rancho owned it.


what was the woman's role on a ranch?

some ran and owned their own ranch; worked with cattle; washing of clothes


what did the mission Indians do after the mission were closed?

worked on ranches for as vaqueros, cooks and farmers for food, clothes and a place to live


how did vaqueros enjoy showing off

their courage and riding skills in horse races and at bullfights


what is a fiesta?

a celebration or party that had lots of food and music


who lived in the haciendas on a ranch

alot of family members, brothers, cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents


why did people living on ranchos have little chance to learn to read or write?

there was no public schools


how did children of wealthy families learn?

traveling teachers


what was the popular trading item in California in the 1830's?