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Define ossicles and what is its role in the ear

3 tiny bones located in the middle ear called the hammer, anvil & stirrup.
These bones magnify the vibration


Define cochlea

Its a spiral shaped tube filled with fluid located in the inner ear. Converts vibrations produce from the ossicles into electrical impulses that your brain interprets as sound. (via the auditory nerve)


Define pupil

An opening in the iris that determines the amount of light entering the eye.


Define accommodation

The ability of the lens to change shape


What term best describes the flap of skin that separates the outer and middle ear

The Eardrum


What term best describes the tube that joins the middle ear to the nose and throat

Eustachian Tube


What term best describes nerve cells that are sensitive to dim light



What term best describes the vision problem of a person with an eyeball that is to long

Short sighted


List the causes of four types of hearing loss

Ear Canal blocked with wax
The middle ear filled with fluid
The Eardrum has been ruptured
Sensory cells of the ear have been damaged by loud noise


What is the function of the ear drum

To convert soundwaves into vibrations.


What is the role of the semi-circular canals in the ear

filled with fluid and give us our sense of balance


What is the retina and its role

absorbs light and converts them into electrical signals. Made up of cone and rod cells