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What are 7 criteria for an effective service research program?

1. Include both qual and quan
2. Include both expectations and perceptions
3. Balance cost of research and value of info
4. Include statistical validity when necessary
5. Measure priorities or importance of attributes
6. Occurs with appropriate frequency
7. Includes measures of loyalty, behavioural intentions, or actual behaviour


What are the 6 research process stages?

1. Define problem
2. Develop measurement strategy
3. Implement research program
4. Collect and tabulate data
5. Interpret and analyze findings
6. Report findings


Give 5 example elements in an effective services research program

1. Complaint solicitation
2. Critical incidents studies
3. Requirements research
4. Relationship and SERVQUAL surveys
5. Trailer calls or post-transaction surveys
6. Service expectation meetings and reviews
7. Process checkpoint evaluation
8. Market-oriented ethnography
9. Mystery shopping
10 Customer panels
11. Lost customer research
12. Future expectations research


What three things happen in the analyzing and interpreting research findings stage?

1. Tracking of performance, gap scores, and competition

2. Zones of tolerance charts

3. Importance/performance matrices


Along with tracking perceptions of service reliability, what else should you track?

You need to track customer expectations! Because your perceptions may stay same or slightly rise, but if expectations are going way up it widens the gap and customers will be increasingly expected more than what they are perceiving you are delivering


What are the 4 segments of importance/performance matrix?

Upper left: High leverage (opportunity, attributes to improve) - low performance high importance

Lower left: Attributes to maintain - low performance, low importance

Upper right: Attributes to maintain - high importance, high performance

Lower right: Low leverage, attributes to decrease emphasis - Low importance, high performance


What are 6 upward communications?

1. Executive visits to customers
2. Executive listenings
3. Research on intermediate customers
4. Research on internal customers
5. Employee visits or listenings
6. Employee suggestions


Despite a genuine interest in meeting customer expectation, what do many companies do?

They think inside out. So they deliver what they think customers want, instead of listening to what they want


What is a research objective?

It is an action question. Such as:

Discover customer requirements or expectations

Monitor and track service performance

Gauge effectiveness of changes in service delivery


What are 2 additional elements to service research beyond normal marketing research?

1. Must continually monitor and track service performance, as performance is subject to human variability and heterogeneity

2. Monitor gap between expectations and perceptions


What is a service research program?

Portfolio of research studies and types needed to address research objectives and execute an overall measurement strategy


What are 7 criteria for an effective service research program?

1. include both qualitative and quantitative
2. include both expectations and perceptions
3. Balance cost of research and value of info
4. Include statistical validity when necessary
5. Measure priorities or importance of attributes
6. Occurs with appropriate frequency
7. Include measurement of loyalty, and behaviour


What is complaint solicitation?

This is how firms purposefully collect complaints and address them.

So many take both positive and negative "complaints" from individuals and overall and collect them in repository to address them


What is the Critical Incident technique (CIT)

This is a qualitative interview procedure in which customers are asked to provide verbatim stories about satisfying and dissatisfying service encounters they have experienced.


What are 4 common themes that are sources of pleasure and displeasure in service encounters?

1. recover
2. Adaptability
3. Spontaneity
4. Coping


What are 4 benefits to CIT?

1. data collected from respondents collection are usually vivid and reflect their thinking

2. provides concrete info about way the company and employees behave and react

3. research is particularly useful when topic or service is new and little other info exists

4. Method is well suited for assessing perceptions of customers from different cultures because they can share their perceptions rather than answering researcher-defined questions


What is requirements research?

Identifying the benefits and attributes that customers expect in a service. This can be done qualitatively, than quantitateively. It also can be done by asking key-informants such as hospital asking hotel managers about successful stays


What are relationship surveys?

These pose questions about all elements in the customers relationship with the company.


What is the SERVQUAL survey?

One of the first measures to be developed specifically to measure service quality:

It is 21 service attributes grouped into 5 service quality dimensions


What are the 5 service quality dimensions under SERVQUAL?

1. Reliability
2. Responsiveness
3. Assurance
4. Empathy
5. Tangibles


What are Trailer Calls?

These are to capture info about key service encounters with customer. So immediately after a transaction, questions about personnel etc are asked.


What is the form of customer research that is highly effective and involves eliciting the expectations of the client at a specified time of year and then following up later to determine whether the expectations were fulfilled?

Service expectation meetings and reviews


What is the 3-stage format of Service expectation meetings and reviews

1. Asking clients what they expect in terms of 8-10 basic requirements

2. Inquiring what particular aspects of these req. did the account team perform well and what needs improvements

3. Requesting the client rank the relative importance of the requirements


What are process checkpoint evaluations?

So for long service projects such as construction, the firm implements checkpoint evaluations in which feedback will be collected and implemented routinely throughout project/relationship


What is Market-Oriented Ethnography?

So this is when the market researcher actually goes into the consumers world to observe them. Such as Pillsbury actually going into the homes of moms who use the cookie dough


What is Mystery Shopping?

So these are when companies hire outside researchers to send people into service company and experience service as if they were customers. They then answer questionairres


What are customer panels?

So these are when companies literally use a panel of customers that give the company insights and pulse of the market in a regular and timely manner.

An example is getting a customers panel to watch a movie before release, and then changing movie based on their feedback


What is Lost customer Research?

So this is seeing and interrogating customers who have dropped the customer's service


What is Future Expectations Research?

To understand future expectations, they scan environement, and inquire customers about desirable features, and bring in opinion leaders and ask what service needs are being met/not met


When people/managers don't fully understand how to interpret data, what happens?

The time, skill and effort of collecting it will be lost, as it will not be properly used.


What are two common ways of analyzing and interpreting customer research findings?

1. Zones of tolerance charts
2. Importance/Performance Matrices


What are importance/performance matrices?

This is one of the most useful forms of analysis in customer research:

It combines info about customer perceptions (performance) and importance ratings


What is the purpose of research?

To drive improvement and customer satisfaction


What is the key way to close the gap between customer expectations and management perceptions of customer expectations?

Understand how to make the best use of research, and apply what is learned to the business


Research should be what 4 things?

1. Actionable
2. Timely
3. Specific
4. Credible


What are two types of interactive activities in the organization to solve objectives for upward communication?

1. Design and improve type and effectiveness of communications from customers to management

2. Improve communications between employees and management


What are 6 types of interaction or research in an effective program of upward communication?

1. Executive visits to customers

2. Executive listenings

3. Research on intermediate customers

4. Employee internal satisfaction surveys

5. Employee visits or listenings

6. Employee suggestions

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