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What was the embargo act

The act prohibited all foreign trade and it hurt USA economy


What happened at the battle of New Orleans

The battle of NO was fine after the Treaty of Ghent peace treaty was signed either way Andrew Jackson lead forces to victory and became a hero after the treaty was signed


Who invented the cotton gin and what effect did it have on southern economy

Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin cotton became the most important crop in the south referred to as king cotton


Jefferson’s policies he was against

1-against intolerance political and religious

2- involvement with other nations


What was the effect of the telegraph

Long distance messages could be transmitted in seconds


Result of the battle of Tippecanoe

Sound proof of British help and support for Native Americans by discovering British guns at their village.


Jefferson’s problem with the Louisiana purchase-

It was in the constitution Strict interpretation did not allow or mention that the president could buy land from other countries to compensate he sent it to the Senate to be approved


Jefferson’s policies he was for

1-respecting the constitution
2-protect minority
3-strong state govt
4-not wasting money
5-working together


Terms of the treaty of Ghent

What would end but No land wood change hands


What were the effects of the war of 1812

Increased American patriotism Native American resistance was weekend US manufacturing grew


What did the Lowell Mills produce

They produce cloth or textiles


How did Sacajawea help Lewis and Clark

She was seen as a sign of peace Among native American tribes


Result of the treaty of Greenville and Tecumseh’s response

Native Americans gave up 2/3 of their claim on land and Tecumseh responded by trying to unite Native Americans in the Ohio River Valley in the red stick confederacy


What was the industrial revolution

It started in the US after the war of 1812 factories are placed hand tools and machines replaced farming as the main form of work


Where were most factories located and what did they use as a power source

Most factories were located in the north that you were built next to water or a river for power


What led to the war of 1812

British interference with American trade British impressment or kidnap of American sailors alliance with Tecumseh an Indian tribes American Warhawks wanted Canada


Significance of the Louisiana purchase

Do US was doubled in size the New Orleans port was secure there was no threat to shipping and there was vast resources in the west


The Louisiana Purchase was driven by

- domestic issue; settlers west of the Appalachian’s used the Mississippi to transport crops down to the New Orleans port.

- foreign issue; the slave rebellion in Haiti had just happened and France was also fighting England so they needed money


Why was Britain able to send more troops to the US during the second part of the war

British troops were not occupied with fighting the French they had to feed France could concentrate on America