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Knowing where one has been is confirmed in past reports; knowing where one is require situational awareness, active listening, and paying attention; But knowing where one is going involves __________

research– collecting and analyzing data and making assumptions


It is responsibility of the ____________ to predict the future, estimate resource needs, and determine whether existing processes are working as intended

chief fire officer


___________ are often used in a variety of planning processes such as incident preplanning, Master and strategic planning, anticipated revenue planning, and personnel hiring an can include such items as total population, population density, areas of population growth or decline, ethnicity of populations,

Demographic statistics


For a department to determine whether recruitment, selection, and placement of its personnel are more effective and consistent with the law and best practices, a department must first determine its _________________ information

internal demographic


Departments that do not reflect the ___________ of the citizenry they protect may be negatively affected by poor community relations or various forms of litigation



The goal of ________ is to meet the needs of the citizens at the times those needs arise and to provide enough personnel to mitigate hazards in the safest possible manner



Staffing is about the organization meeting its critical priorities. One of the biggest challenges for the organization meeting the desired staffing level is ______



The total number of companies and the positioning of the companies to accomplish appropriate response times ultimately defines the __________required to deliver the defined level of service

number of personnel


The goal of the____________________ is to collect as much information as possible about each job

job analysis


There are four common methods used to collect the information needed for the job analysis:

Critical incident reports
Work diaries
Interviews and questionnaires or surveys


The ___________ can serve as a guide or the organization to meet the desired staffing level. Changes in staffing and deployment of resources should be data driven to ensure the needs of both the citizens and the employees are met

strategic human resources plan


A ________ is a statement of principle used to guide decisions and actions



A _________ is the method used to achieve compliance with the principle policy describes



____________ help shape the organizations culture and should be used to align the organizations mission, priorities, culture, and operational realities.

Policies and procedures


One of the major laws regarding wages is the _________, which establishes minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping, and youth employment standards affecting full-time and part-time workers in the private sector and in federal, state, and local governments

fair labor standards act


The benefits available to employees are divided into three categories

Security and health
Payments for time not worked
Employee services


_________ benefits include health insurance, flexible Health spending accounts, life insurance, line of duty death benefits, disability insurance, pension plans, And Worker’s Compensation

Security and health


_________ include annual or personal leave, Sick leave, pay time off, bereavement leave, holiday leave, maternity leave, and educational leave.

Payments for time not worked


_______ include health or wellness programs, employee assistance programs, tuition assistance, uniform allowance, food allowances, employer provided car or car allowance, childcare, professional association membership, service awards, flexible work schedules, and athletic teams.

Employee services


A __________offers all employees a basic plan with additional credits or a dollar amount to select additional benefits

Cafeteria benefits approach


Members of many career fire departments are civil service employees. As such, their fringe benefits are usually determined by ______

state or municipal regulations.


Incentive programs help motivate employees, increasing the _______ within the department.



Incentive programs can have a direct monetary benefit as well; For instance, a _______ incentive program may pay big dividends in lowering on duty injury and sick-day usage

lifestyle and fitness


_______ is comparing the employees compensation with that of other employee groups within the same organization

Internal equity


_______ is comparing the employees compensation with that of employees doing the same job and similar size department and other similar municipalities

External equity


_______ includes the recruitment of new employees, retention of current employees, conflict management, the discipline process, and the performance appraisal process

Employee engagement


________ is the first step in determining how well all the people in the department work together to provide the best possible services to the department external customers (the citizenry) and internal customers (department personnel)

employee relationships


It is well documented that the failure to ________ at an incident scene places the safety of firefighters at risk

communicate effectively


Categories of assessment (Domains of learning)

Cognitive ability evaluation

Written Testing


Categories of assessment (Domains of learning)

Psychomotor evaluation

Physical Fitness Testing