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A short statement that describes the general focus or purpose of a program?

Mission Statement


What term answers the questions of why a health promotion program is being developed and established, reflect the program's overall purpose and values and referred to as the philosophy of health promotion?

Mission Statement


What sets a programs direction and intent?



What includes the program's target population and uses action verbs such as reduce, eliminate, or increases?



What are the specific steps that need to be achieved in order to attain the goal? They are specific and measurable targets with a timeline?



What are used to identify the needed changes or tasks in the administration of the the program itself such as hiring staff, providing professional development for staff?

Process objectives


Are used to identify needed changes in the actions or behaviors of the target population. Important for impact evaluation or summative evaluation?

Action objectives


Which step includes identifying options for sharing findings of needs assessment and tailoring all communications to program participate state holders, and staff.

Report and share the findings


What may be selected on the basis of their position at site or bc of their reputation?

Key informants


What is used to solicit information from individuals who cannot easily be brought together for a focus group. Asked to respond to open-ended questions, to combine list and add more items, compiled via postal mail components?

Delphi technique


Key informants may include?

Teachers, principals, parents, school nurses, and students


What has a qualitative data technique in which a small group of individuals meet to share there views and experiences usually size is btw 6 and 12 participants

Focus groups


What is the most common form of gathering data for a needs assessment that involves conversation btw the interviewer and the respondent

Survey questionaires


What allows a large quantity of data to be collected in a relatively short period of time?

Mail surveys


What is conducted through a website or an email attachment

Electronic surveys


What are two important attributes of a questionnaire?

Validity and Reliability


What term means to correctly measure what you want it to measure?

Valid questionnaire


What term means based on how well the questionnaire items reflect all of the content areas that one is attempting to measure

Content validity


What term means questions that are based on previous questions or a review of the literature? (Weakest form of validity)

Face validity


What focuses on social action and social planning at existing sites and on creating new sites in order to produce changes that affect health

Environmental actions and social change at sites