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For MBO to be successful, top management must be committed, it must be applied organizationwide, and _____.

objectives must cascade


Clothing maker Patagonia states that its purpose as an organization is to "build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, [and] use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis." This is the company's ___.

mission statement

A mission statement expresses the purpose of the organization.


In a late October marketing meeting, Theresa, the branch manager, told her marketing manager, Sal, that she needed two things by the end of the year from him: "First I want your goals for next year, and then I need your action plan to reach your goals, your ____."

marketing plan

The goal should be followed by an action plan, which defines the course of action needed to achieve the stated goal, such as a marketing plan or sales plan.


When utilizing SMART goals or MBO, deadlines can help you keep your eye on the ______ while simultaneously paying attention to _____.

big picture; the necessary details


Susan is a front-line supervisor in a grocery retailer. She desires to decrease the time she spends working on doing her daily closing work. This objective set by Susan and for her is an example of a(n) ____.

operational goal

Operational goals are set by and for first-line managers and are concerned with short-term matters associated with realizing tactical goals.


Research suggests that when writing out and achieving a person's biggest goals, it is important to ____.

make a concrete plan and break goals into manageable bites

Research suggests the advice for writing out and achieving a person's biggest goals are to (1) make a concrete plan, (2) break your goals into manageable bites, (3) put something of value on the line, (4) bundle your temptations or rewards to your efforts, and (5) seek social support.


The upper-level managers of Synergy Technology are meeting for the week to look at the long-term company goals and overall direction of the organization. The CEO has expressed her concern over the economy and has told her managers to look closely at the environment outside the organization before making decisions and to be future oriented. In this meeting, top managers of Synergy are _____.

doing strategic planning

strategic planning includes long-term decisions about the overall direction of an organization. Managers need to pay attention to the environment outside the organization, be future oriented, and deal with uncertain and highly competitive conditions


Says one authority, strategic planning should communicate not only general goals about growth and profits but also _____.

ways to achieve them


While sitting at her desk, Ann is setting goals and deciding how to achieve them. She is ___



Billy told his boss, Gwen, that he is going to start training for the upcoming marathon to be healthier and to have more energy for work. When Gwen asked him about his running history, Billy said, "I really have never run before and don't exercise much. I just know I need to do something." Gwen told Billy, "You should start slowly, maybe setting smaller, realistic exercise goals that are achievable." Gwen is helping Billy with an achievable goal, a type of _____.

SMART goal

A SMART goal is specific, measurable, attainable, results-oriented, and has target dates. Whenever possible, goals should be achievable.


The top management of Tasty Foods, a food distribution company, has set strategic goals of increasing organizational market share and also decreasing corporate costs over the next three years. Greg, a division manager for Tasty Foods, has looked at his resources, and decided how his division can contribute to the two strategic goals set by upper management. These types of objectives set by Greg are _____.

tactical goals

Tactical goals are set by and for middle managers and focus on the actions needed to achieve strategic goals.


At the strategic level of planning, managers must pay attention to the environment outside the organization, be future oriented, and ____.

deal with uncertain and competitive conditions


This month, Alice, the branch manager of Quality Computer Sales, has heard several complaints from customers that Quality employees do not return calls. Today a good customer told Alice that "my phone calls and e-mails are returned after maybe a week or so." Hearing enough, Alice mandated that "all customer phone calls and e-mails must be returned within 24 hours." This new directive by Alice is an example of a(n) _____.


A policy is a standing plan that outlines the general response to a designated problem or situation.


The upper management of a large national retail grocery store has passed along the new goals of improving customer service to the district managers. At this point, the district managers need to determine how the stores in their district will achieve top management's goal with the given resources during the next 6 to 24 months. This type of planning is known as ____.

tactical planning

The strategic priorities and policies are then passed down to middle managers, who must do tactical planning.


Because several computers and keyboards in the computer labs have been damaged recently by drinks and food being spilled, the department chair of the IT department issued a directive that "Absolutely no food or drink is allowed in any computer lab." This statement by the department chair is a(n) ______.


A rule is a standing plan that designates specific required action.


Abe and April are considering starting a family business, so their banker advised them to write a business plan because it helps an entrepreneur ____.

get financing and think through important details, and it better guarantees success


Brenda, the district manager for Beautiful Florist, told the store managers in her district that she needs the sales goals for next year. A new manager, Paula, said, "I am going to sell over $100,000 in flowers next year." Brenda later told Paula that "I need to know specifically, in each category, how much you plan on selling." Brenda's request for a specific answer is an example of a _____.

SMART goal


With MBO, research shows people are impelled to set more difficult goals—if _____.

there is joint participation by management and subordinates


The planning/control cycle has two planning steps: _____.

make the plan, then carry out the plan


Andre, the plant manager, is interested in increasing the facility's productivity by utilizing MBO so that his managers and their employees are more focused on objectives. This month Andre asked his managers to concentrate on the two first steps of MBO, which are ____.

to jointly set objectives and have managers develop action plans


4 Steps of Management by Objectives (MBO)

(1) the manager and employee jointly set objectives for the employee

(2) the manager develops action plans

(3) the manager and employee periodically review the employee's performance

(4) the manager makes a performance appraisal and rewards the employee according to results.