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A circular green signal

Means go, but left turning traffic is unprotected and must yield the right-of-way to oncoming traffic


A circular yellow signal

Means caution and indicates the signal is about to turn red. Stop for a yellow signal unless you are too close to the intersection to stop safely – in that case drive cautiously through the intersection. Never speed up for a yellow signal to beat the red signal.


A steady red circular signal

Means stop. Unless there's a sign indicating no turn on red, a right turn can be made after coming to a complete stop. All vehicles turning right show you the right-of-way to other traffic and pedestrians using the intersection at pedestrians in reasonably close proximity to the intersection and who are starting to cross in front of the traffic that is required to stop at the red light. Failure to yield to a pedestrian under the circumstances will result in a penalty if not more than $500 and not less than $100.


A green arrow

Means that you have a protected turning movement with no other conflicting traffic in the intersection except U-turn traffic that should yield to all other traffic entering the intersection.


A red arrow

Means turning traffic must stop.


A yellow arrow

Indicates that the protected to green arrow signal is about to turn to a regular circular green signal, circular red signal or red arrow signal.


Some traffic signals have a combination of

Protected turn arrow signals and unprotected circular signals based on traffic demand. At these intersections, both through traffic and turning traffic are controlled by circular signals is no arrow signal is displayed. When arrow and circular signals are both displayed, turning traffic is controlled by the arrow signals and through traffic is controlled by the circular signals.


The traffic signal is used to…

… Control traffic and pedestrians at some intersections and mid block crosswalks.