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What is stereotype threat?

anxiety consumers feel when fear that they might act in a way that confirms stereotype


Marketing communications can influence a consumers level of self esteem, and trigger what among peers?

Social comparison, where person tries to evaluate his self by comparing with others and media. This is when marketer has attractive people using their products


What is the ideal self?

Persons conception of how she or he would like to be


What is our actual self?

Realistic appraisil of qualities we do and don't have


What is impression management?

We work hard to manage what others thing of us. We choose clothes and whatnot that put us in a good light


What are Computer Mediated Environments (CMEs)?

Things like Habbo Hotel, basically virtual worlds


What is symbolic interactionism?

Relationships with other people play a large part in forming the self, and that attach meaning to symbols. So golden arches mean fast food, and red light means stop


What is the looking-glass self?

Process of reflexive evalation occurs when an individual attempts to define the self, and it operates a sort of pschological sonar by bouncing off others to project impression they have of us


What is symbolic self-completion theory?

Says that people who have an incomplete self-definition tend to complete this identity by acquiring and displaying symbols associated with it. So high school boys unsure of themselves may use macho smelly sprays and products to bolster their developing masculinity


What are self-image congruence models?

This predicts that the products we choose are based on attributes that match some aspect of ourselves


What makes up our extended self?

External objects such as props and settings that consumers use to define their social roles. Some cultures even lick new possessions, bury with dead etc


Consumers define themselves by referring to what four levels of the extended self?

1. Individual level (shoes, cars, etc personal possessions)

2. Family Level (house, furnishings, etc)

3. Community level (farm families, yaletown hotties etc)

4. Group Level (Even landmarks, sport teams, can be considered part of extended self to some people. Like many Vancouverites pull to olympic torch maybe)


In many societies, men are controlled by ___ goals, and females are taught to value ___ goals

In many societies, men are controlled by agentic goals goals, and females are taught to value communal goals


What are agentic goals?

Stress self-assertion and mastery


What are communal goals?

affiliation and fostering of harmonious relations


What are sex-typed traits?

These are characteristics stereotypically associated with one gender or the other


Does a persons biological gender determine whether he / she will exhibit sex-typed traits?

Nope, it demands on his / her own feels about their sexuality


What are gender-bending products?

traditionally sex-typed item adapted to opposite gender such as:
-tweezers and clippers for men
-baked chips for women
-Harley-Davidson hosting women only garage parties
-Women hunting with lighter tools and spokeswomen


What are Contemporary Young Maintstream Female Achievers (CYMFA) 's?

So roles women play such as feminine home girl, masculine women etc


Is body image accurate?

Ha, no.


What are body cathexis?

A persons feeling about his or her body is described in terms of cathexis, where the emotional significance of some object or idea to a person, and some parts of the body are more central to self-concept than others.


What is an ideal beauty?

particular model, or exemplar of appearance in their specific culture


Does the media always perpetuate outdated ads of traditional womens roles and not men, or is men not accurate either?

This is changing for the better, also men is not accurate either


Compare high and low self esteem

So low self esteem people think they won't perform well, but high think they will be successful and take risks


Do we each have many selves/roles?

Yeah, and they change dpending on situations and role identities. So when I was 17, maybe more a student, now I'm more of a professional/student


How are high and low self monitors different with evaluating products?

So high self-monitors are more likely to evaluate products that are consumed in public in terms of the impressions they make on others. So mom is a good example of a high self monitor


Ideal self is more relevant for what type of products?

highly expressive social products such has publicly wearable products (Gucci)


Actual self is more relevant for what type of products?

Everyday products, because we use these things and don't feel like we're being judged about them


How does sex-role orientation and responses to marketing stimuli differ with females and men?

females more sensitive to pieces of info
men consider overall themes


The concept of deriving one's identity in large part from a social group is known as what?

collective self


What are the 5 dimensions along which we can describe attributes of our self-concept?

content (facial attractiveness or iq/eg)
Positivity or negativity (self esteem)
stability over time
accuracy (if self assessment is real)


Aspects of the body that distinguish the sexes from one another are known as what?

Sexual Dimorphic Markers

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