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What does the big bang theory suggest

There was a massive expansion of space that set the creation of the universe in motion. This theory is accepted by most Christians and Buddhists


What do Christians also use the genesis creation story to do?

To explain the origins of the universe which they believe was created by god


What do Buddhists see the universe as

Being cyclical with no creator


Explain the Big Bang theory in order of events

The universe started with a tiny dense collection of mass

Massive expansion of space took place and the condensed matter was flung in all directions

As the universe expanded and cooled the matter became stars grouped into galaxies

The universe has continued to expand over billions of years to form the Cosmos as we know it today


What a Christian views on the origins of the universe

Christians believe the universe was designed and made by God out of nothing

Creation story in Genesis 1 says that God made the universe and all life and it in six days

Some fundamentalist Christians believe the creation story describes exactly how the universe was created. Others believe the six days describe six longer periods of time

Liberal Christians do not believe the genesis creation story is a literal account of what actually happened
They believe the creation story is symbolic with the main message being that god created the universe they might look to science to understand how God did this


Buddhist views on the origin of the universe

Buddhist do not generally believe in a creator of the universe

Buddhism has a cyclical vision of the universe - each universe is followed by another one. There is no beginning or end to the whole process

Buddhists can accept th Big Bang theory as it does not necessarily state there was nothing before the Big Bang happened

Buddhists consider it more important to find a way out of suffering than to understand the origins of the universe

Eg in the buddhas parable of the man hit by a poisoned arrow it is more important the man reviaiebes treatment not to find out where the arrow cane from


What’s Christians belief of value of the world

View the earth as a priceless gift from God loaned to humans as a result of his love the beauty of the world can give s sense of awe and wonder and devout respect for gods power of creation


Buddhists belief of value in the world

Value the world because it provides and sustains life it also provides the conditions needed to achieve enlightenment Buddhism teaches that although the world belongs to nobody it is everybody’s responsibilility to look after it


Essential information of the use and abuse of the environment?

Most Christians believe god gave humans the responsibility to care for the world and protect the environment this idea is known as stewardship

Buddhist teachings such as dependant arising and the five moral precepts encourage Buddhists to protect the environment

The overuse of natural resources particularly those that are non renewable is a problem in the world today


The duty of humans to protect the world what do you Christians believe about how people should interact with the environment

What they do believe is that they shouldn’t interact with the environment stand from the idea of stewardship and Dominion


What stewardship

Means Christians have a duty to look after the environment on behalf of God. This is implied in Genesis 2:15 when God puts Adam into the garden of Eden to “work it and take care of it “


What’s dominion

Power and authority over the world


What do some minority’s of Christians interpret the meaning of dominion as

Humans can do whatever they want with the world

But most Christians want to care for the world as gods stewards


What are the reasons for most Buddhists being aware of the importance of avoiding damage to the environment and of looking after the world for future generations

Dependant arising teaches that all life is interconnected All creatures depend on a healthy planet to survive

If people misuse the environment they will cause suffering for themselves and others
This contradicts the Buddhist aspiration to reduce suffering

The first moral precept encourages Buddhists to avoid causing harm to living beings this means looking after the world as the home of all living things


What’s stewardship

Most Christians believe god gave humans the responsibility to care for the world and protect the environment


What Buddhist teachings encourage Buddhists to protect the environment

Dependant arising

Five moral precepts


Christian beliefs about how people should interact with the environment stem from the ideas of

Stewardship and dominion


What’s dominion

Power and authority


What’s the use of natural resources

They are materials found in nature (such as oil and trees) that can be used by people to make more complex products

Some are non renewable (oil and gas) which means they will eventually run out.

Reducing the use, recycling more using renewable energy sources and helping to protect the environment are all ways that people can help to preserve the world for future generations


What kind of pollution are a major threat to the earth?

Air land and water


Define pollution

Means to contaminate something especially the environment


Cause and problem of air pollution

Fumes from factories and transport

Asthma diseases such as cancer global warming climate change and acid rain


Cause and problem of land pollution

Poor disposal of waste

Chemicals pollute the earth causing poisoned wildlife inefficient farming and poisoned food


Cause and problem of water pollution

Dumping waste into rivers and seas

Oil spills and plastic waste kill birds and marine life


Christians want to reduce polution they might base their views on the following beliefs and teachings

The world is on loan to humans who have been given the responsibility by god to look after it

The parable of the talents warns that god will be the final judge about how responsible humans have been in looking after the eart

Pollution is not losing towards others - jesus teaches Christians to “love your neighbour”


Buddhists are also keen to reduce pollution. One reason for this is that pollution directly or indirectly caused harm to all living creatures.

Therefore this means it contradicts

The first moral precept


What have Christians and Buddhists done to recuse pollution

Pope Francis has called on everyone to take action to help protect the environment

His open letter “on the care of our common home” he stressed the need to reduce pollution, use renewable energy and recycle more

Come Christian groups work in their local communion to clean up litter

The Holy isle project (Buddhists) aims to protect the local environment and reduce waste Tibetan Buddhists who live on holy isle take care of the islands environment eg they have planted 35000 trees reduced the amount of sewage entering the sea and created a nature sanctuary for wildlife


Animals or humans are more important??? Christian

Many Christians believe animals should be treated kindly but humans are more important


What do Buddhists believe about treating animals

With loving-kindness (metta) and compassion (Karuna)

Many Buddhists are vegetarians or vegans


Christian attitudes towards animals

They believe animals were created by god for humans to use and care for

Many believe humans are more important as they were created in the image of god but animals should still be treated kindly


Buddhist attitudes towards animals

Believe animals should be treated with kindness and compassion the principle of kamma teaches that causing harm to animals is unskillful and will lead to suffering

Goes against the first moral precept

Eightfold path teaches Buddhist should not make a living from activities that can cause harm to others including animals


What do scientists do w animals

Use them to text new products such as cosmetics medicines and food to make sure there safe for human use


Christian views about animal experimentation

If testing is proved to be necessary and the welfare of the animals is considered it is justified to ensure human safety

Many believe animals can be used to help save human lives


Buddhist views about animal experimentation

Some Buddhists are agains animal experimentation because they believe animals should not be harmed

Others believe it is acceptable if t is the only way to save many human life’s



Don’t eat meat or fish



Do not eat animals or food produced by animals

Try not to use products that have cause harm to animals such as leather


Christians views about eating meat

No rules

Romans 14:3 says Christians should be sensitive to the beliefs beliefs f others about what they wish to eat

Most Christians eat meat. They believe god gave humans animals to use for food

“Everything that lives and moves abut will be food for you”

Some vegetarians and vegans point out that if crops were grown on land currently used to raise animals for meat there would be much more food to go round and this would please god


Buddhist views on eating meat

Many Buddhists are vegan or vegetation because they believe this reduces hem csuse to animals

Some Mahayana scriptures state the Buddha insisted his follow were should not eat meat or fish

This is because it does not show compassion and created an atmosphere of fear among all living beings

“All tremble ah violence all fear death comparing [others] with oneself, one should not kill or cause to kill”

Other scriptures include references to the Buddha and his monks eating meat


What does the theory of evolution mean

Thathigher forms of life have gradually developed into lower ones


Many Christians believe it’s possible to believe both the creations stories in genisis and the

Theory of evolution


Buddhism’s belied about when life began

When the conditions were right for it to do so this view is based on dependant arising


Explain the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin in 1859 on the origin of species by means of natural selection

Life started with single-celled creatures in the sea

Over a long period of time they evolved into creatures capable of living on land

Humans started evolving around 2.5milkion years ago

They developed into humans with the same anatomy as us about 200,000 years ago


What does genesis 1 say about the origins of life

God created all life with human life being created to last


What does genesis 2 tell us about the origins of life

How god created the first man, Adam, from the soul and breathed life into him
Some time later while Adam was asleep god took one of his ribs and used it to create a woman. Eve. Eve was created to help Adam and to live in a close relationship with him and god


Many Christians do not believ the Adam and Eve rib thing to be literally true (although some do) instead they interpret the story as

Showing that humans are special to god because they were created in his image


Fundamentalist Christians beliefs about the origins of life

Do not believe in the theory of evolution. They believe god created each species separately. Some believ life was created exactly as described in genesis 1 and 2


What do the majority of Christians believe about the origins of life

Accept the theory of evolution but believe that god is the greater as in he started the process and evolution explains how life developed afterwards


What are the Buddhist views about origins and evolution of life influenced by

The dependant arising


What are the Buddhist views on the origins of life

The Buddha said that anything (including life) can come into excistence when the necessary conditions are there. This process doesn’t rely on a creator god it just happens

Buddhism teaches it is not possible to identify a beginning or end to the earth. Instead the earth is a continuous process of change

When the conditions were right on earth plant and animals cane into being as conditions continues to change life continued to evolve

This means that Buddhist ideas do not conflict with the theory of evolution


Is abortion legal in the uk?

It is provided doctors agree it meets certain criteria


Christians and Buddhist generally ............ abortion


Alrtjough some agree with it in certain situations such as if the child would have a very poor quality of life


Abortion in the uk

Can take place in a licensed clinic if two doctors agree there is a risk to the physical or mental health of the mother, baby, or existing children in family


What is abortion

The deliberate removal of a foetus from the womb in order to end a pregnancy


When can abortion happen

Only during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy unless the mothers life is in danger or the foetus is severely deformed in the case no time limit


Christians views towards abortion

Christians believe in the sanctity of life
Which means human life is sacred as it is made in the image of god
All human life should be valued and respected

Many Christians believ life begins st the moment of contraception and think abortion is wrong as it is taking away life that is given by god

Some think abortion is acceptable if the preganancy is the result of rape or the child would have a very pioor quality of life


Buddhist views on abortion

In general, seen as a form of killing which goes against the first moral precept and so is unskillful

However, may sometimes favour abortion such as when the baby is likely to be born with a serious disability or have a poor quality of life

Some believe that deciding to have an abortion is a question of personal choice

Their views differ from country to country depending on social norms and traditions


Other pro-choice (for abortion)

Believ mothers life is more important

Mother has to carry baby give birth and bring it up so she should have the right to choose

Life doesn’t start until birth or from the point when the foetus can survive outside the womb so abortion does not involve killing.

It is cruel to allow s severely disabled child to be born


Other pro-life (agains abortion) reasons

Life begins at conception abortion is a form of murder

It is possible for disabled children to enjoy a good quality of life so they should be allowed to live

Unwanted children can be adopted to families that will care for them

Those who choose abortion can suffer from depression and guilt after


What is euthanasia

Painless killing of a patient who is suffering from and incurable and painful illness or who is in a irreversible coma


Christians and Buddhists generally............ euthanasia


Although some maybagreee with it when is seems to be the most loving and compassionate action to take


What are the three types of euthanasia



What’s voluntary euthanasia

ill person asks for their life to be ended because they don’t want to live anymore


What’s involuntary euthanasia

The person is capable of expressing a choice but is not given the opportunity to do so


What’s non-voluntary euthanasia

The person is too ill to ask to die, possibly in a coma, so the doctor ends their life as it is though to be in their best interests


Is euthanasia legal in the uk?



What’s Passive euthanasia

Doctors may decide to withdraw medical treatment that is keeping someone alive as they believe the person can not recover or if the person asks them to. This is called non-treatment decisions and is legal in the uk


Christian views on euthanasia

Form of murder and interferes with gods plan for a persons life

Against the sanctity of life and only god has the right to take life away

If it was legal the very old could feel pressure to end their lives in order to not burden there family

Suffering brings people closer to god and helps them to understand jesus’ suffering

Salvation Army has said that euthanasia and assisted suicide ‘undermine human dignity and are morally wrong’

Support when it is the most loving thing to do

God gave free will so people should be able to choose when to end their lives


Buddhist views on euthanasia

Oppose because it goes against the first moral precept

Respect the right of the individual to do what they wish

Compassionate to help someone end their life if they are suffering a lot

State of mind of the person at death is important as it influenced their rebirth if a person is helped to die quickly and peacefully this could benefit their future conciousness

A natural death might be better for a persons kamma

Dalai Lama has commented that euthanasia should be avoided except in expectional circumstances


What do Christians and Buddhists both believe about death

That it is not the end


What do Christians believe about earth

They are judged by god and spent eternity in heaven or hell


What do Buddhists believe about death

They are reborn. Rebirths continue until enlightenment


What do Christians believe is evidence of afterlife?

Jesus’ resurrection


Further beliefs about the after life from Christians

Catholics - middle stage - purgatory where should Ar epurified to allow them into heaven

Some believ judgement happens as soon as a person dies

Others believe jesus will return on a future day of judgement when all souls will be judged

Some believ people will be in their physical bodies while others believe it’s just their souls that enter heaven

Some believe that god who is the source of all good would not condemn people to hell and that all go to heaven others believe that all who go to hell deserve them fate


Buddhists teachings and beliefs about life after death

Death is a process rather than a single moment. The conciousness passed on from the physical body over a period of hours or days

Most Buddhist traditions teach that people are reborn after they die. This means that at some point after death the persons conciousness enters another life at the point of its conception

The quality of the rebirth is dependant upon the ethical quality of the persons actions in thei precious life (their kamma) skilful behaviour builds merit which leads to a favourable rebirth

Many Buddhists believe that when happens after death depends on their state of mind when they die

Someone who becomes enlightened is freed of future rebirths