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When did Lord Liverpool's government form?

After the assassination of Spencer Perceval May 1812.


Was Liverpool the Prince Regent's first choice?

No. But after several failed attempts to appoint a Whig administration, the Prince Regent had to accept him.


What did Liverpool do in 1815/

Brought victory against Napoleon


Who was Liverpool's cabinet comprised of?

A small inner cabinet whom he could trust. E.g Lord Sidmouth, Addington, etc


What was Liverpool's task within government?

To bring together strongly differing views and personalities among his ministers, and to make a constant effort to overcome Whig opposition in the Commons.


Why was it difficult for Liverpool's government to hold majoity in commons?

The few Government ministers who sat in the Commons were out-matched in debating skills by a group of artulcate and forceful Whigs and Radicals. Fortunately for Liverpool' the opposition lacked unity and leadership.


Why was the popularity of the monarchy low?

As a result of the extravagant behaviour and lax moral standards of the Prince Regent, who on the death of his father, Goerge III in 1820 became George IV. To many he was profligate, morally bankrupt and earned the contempt of many of his subjects. He dragged down the government through a scandalous attempt to divorce his wife, Caroline of Brunswick and Liverpool had to deal with the unsavory attempt by George to exclude her from the throne.


How did George IV tarnish Liverpool's reputation?

George IV attempted to exclude his wife, Caroline from the throne. It increased the Government's unpopularity and roused poppular demonstrations for Caroline, which created a serious threat to constitutional stability.


What happened betwen 1821 and 1823?

There was a 'new look' to Liverpool's Cabinet and a new mood began t emerge.


Who had the Tory government won over by 1820?

Several opposition groups, including the influential Grenville Whigs. Duke of Wellington came into the Cabinet; Peel, Huskisson and Canning.


How did the Government reinvent itself?

Moved from a tendancy to be reactionary to a more liberal approach, but no single new appointment brought a break with earlier policies. e.g when Peel begane Home Secretary, the pattern of reform in criminal law was already set.


When did Lord Liverpool's tenture in office end?

1827, when he suffered a paralysing stroke, and he died the following year.