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Who wrote the book Leadership in 1978?

James Macgregor Burns


What 3 styles of leadership does the book Leadership (1978) explain?

Laissez-Faire leaders (delegate decision makers)
Transactional leaders (Collective decision making)
Transformational leaders (Impose own views)


Describe Thatcher's leadership style

Less focus on the cabinet
Accused of paying more attention to advisers than ministers by Nigel Lawson
Hands on approach to policy


Why did Thatcher's leadership fail?

Economic Problems
Unpopular Policies
Cabinet Divisions
Low Opinion Poll Ratings
Ignored her Cabinet (they struck back)


Describe Major's leadership style

Collegiate- cabinet had greater influence


What led to Major's downfall?

He failed to articulate clear vision, set the agenda, and never had a secure cabinet


What was Blair's leadership style?

Dominant PM
Acted as key policy maker
Didn't spend time on cabinet
Listened to advisers more in private meetings ('sofa government')


What led to Blair's downfall?

Rebellions from MPs on Iraq, foundation hospitals and tuition fees
Brown's supporters attempted to force Blair out


What was Brown's leadership style?

He promised a more collegiate style but then reverted to an inner circle


What led to Brown's downfall?

Allowed speculation on an early election to intensify in autumn 2007 and then ruled it out
Economic crisis


What is Cameron's leadership style?

Collegial- particularly in the coalition
Key decisions in coalition also made in the 'quad' (Cameron, Clegg, Osborne, Alexander)

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