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What are the 4 dominant and most reliable predictors of success for new introductions?

1. Product/service characteristics
2. strategy characteristics
3. process characteristics
4. marketplace characteristics


Describing services alone has what risks when organizations attempt to design complex services never before experienced by customers or when they attempt to change existing services?

1. oversimplification
2. Incompleteness
3. Subjectivity (person describing will be biased)
4. Biased interpretation


When coming up with service design, who must you involve?

Customers and employees, as employees are usually the service, and customers concrete or are usually involved in service delivery


What are the 5 principles central to service design thinking? (these are important, and are the service design thinking and techniques)

1. User-Centred
(should be experienced and designed through customers eyes)

2. Cocreative
(All stakeholders should be involved in process)

3. Sequencing
(Service should be visualized as a sequence of interrelated actions)

4. Evidencing
(Intangible service should be visualized in terms of physical artifacts)

5. Holistic
(Entire environment of a service should be considered


Describe the 6 different types of service offering innovations from major new innovations to simple style changes

1. Major innovations
(brand new, and can create new markets such as small package overnight delivery)

2. Start-up business
(Such as mobile phone application, or driver dave competing against taxis)

3. New Services for the currently served market
(Such as Uniqlo having starbucks in it)

4. Service-line extensions
(augmentations of existing service, such as new menu section)

5. Service Improvements
(Perhaps most common, such as added amenities in hotel room)

6. Style Changes
(Such as revising logo or changing colour scheme in restaurant)


What are three broad types of service innovation?

1. Service Offering innovation
(such as major innovation or start up, or style change)

2. Innovating around customer Roles
(So customer roles may change, such as nobody going to Blockbuster anymore because of Netflix)

3. Innovation through Service Solutions
(So these are when company actually offers customer defined solutions, not bundles)


What are the 4 processes that Innovation through Service Solutions take place with?

1. Customer requirements definition
2. Customization and integration of goods and services
3. Deployment of these integrated solutions
4. Postdeployement customer seupport


What is the overlapping of service innovation and development steps and simultaneous development called?

Flexible Product Development

Important in technology industries, to keep up with rapidly changing stuff


What do these refer to:

Front-end planning

back-end Implementation

Front-end planning:
Determines what services will be developed

back-end Implementation:
Implements the service concept


What is the fuzzy front end?

Because of relative abstractness with intangible, complex and variable services, the front end determining what service will be developed can be fuzzy


What are 5 stages with front-end planning, and what are the 3 checks within those?

1. Business strategy development or review

2. New Service strategy development

3. Idea Generation
(STOP, screen ideas against new service strategy)

4. Concept Development and Evaluation
(STOP, test concept with customers and employees)

5. Business Analysis
(STOP, test for profitability and feasibility)


What are 4 stages with Implementation, and what is are the two checks within those?

1. Service development and Testing
(STOP, conduct service prototype test)

2. Market Testing
(STOP, test service and other marketing mix elements)

3. Commercialization

4. Post introduction evaluation


What are two objectives with commercialization stage?

1. Build and maintain acceptance of new service among large numbers of service delivery personnell

2. Monitor all aspects of the service during introduction and through the complete service cycle. So if first undergrads at new university take 4 years, thats how long this is going to take


Define service blueprint

Picture or map that prortrays the customer experience and service system, so that the different people involved in providing the service can understand it objectively, regardless of their roles or their individual points of view.


What are the three things blueprints simultaneously septic?

Points of contact


What are the key components of service blueprints?

1. Customer actions
(such as picking up phone or receiving bill)

2. Onstage/visible contact employee actions
(employee talking with customer for instance)

3. Backstage/invisible contact employee actions
(Attorney researching your case)

4. Support processes
(Such as Joan organizing the Mad Men)


What are the three lines with the service blueprint?

1. Line of Interaction
2. Line of Visbility
3. Line of internal interaction


What are all components of service blueprints including lines in order?

Physical evidence
customer actions

---Line of interaction

Employee actions (onstage/visible)

---Line of Visibility

Employee actions (backstage/invisible)

---Line of internal interaction

Support processes


If the blueprint is for technology delivered self service, how is it different from human delivered?

Area above line of visibility can be onstage/visible technology, etc instead of employee actions


What are benefits and uses to blueprinting?

1. Providing platform for innovation

2. Recognizing roles and interdependencies among functions, people and organizations

3. Facilitating both storing and innovation of service knowledge

4. Transferring and storing innovation and service knowledge

5. Designing moments of truth from customer POV

6. Suggesting critical points for measurement and feedback

7. Clarifying competitive positioning

8. Understanding the ideal customer experience


What are the 6 steps of building a blueprint?

1. identify process to be blueprinted

2. Identify customer or customer segment

3. Map the process form the customers points of view

4. Map Contact employee actions and/or technology actions

5. Link contact activities to needed support functions

6. Add evidence of service at each customer action step


What processes should be blueprinted?

Depends on objectives


Can multiple segments be included in one blueprint?

No, because they require different service processes or attributes, but you can map multiple segments simultaneously


Should exceptions or recovery processes be incorporated into the blueprint?

Well it can make it messy, so maybe identify where failures can happen then go from there, even making blueprint for recovery


What are 3 applications of service blueprints?

What are 4 other people that have further uses of these?

1. New Service Development
2. Supporting a "zero defects culture"
3. Service recovery Design

and also

1. Service Marketers
2. HR management
3. Operations management
4. System Technology

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