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What is STI-related Stigma?

Awareness that people are judged negatively for contracting an STI


What is STI-related Shame?

The negative feeling that people have about themselves as a result of receiving an STI diagnosis


What is the most prevalent bacterial sexually transmitted infection?



What is chlamydia?

Organism causing a STI, symptoms on men are thin clear discharge and mild pain during urination, women are frequently asymptomatic


What can untreated chlamydia turn into, especially in women?

Pelvicc Inflammatory disease (PID) and possibly infertility due to scarring of fallopian tubes. Any baby born to infected mom may develop pneumonia or an eye infection


What is HPV?

Human Papilomavirus which is the organism which causes genital warts


What can genital warts lead to with women?

Cervical cancer


What is genital herpes?

STI where the symptoms of which are small, painful bumps or blisters on the genitals


What is HSV?

The herpes simplex virus which causes genital herpes


Define AIDS

Acquired immune deficiency syndrome

STI that destroys the boys natural immunity to infection so that the person is susceptible to and may die from a disease such as pneumonia or cancer


Define HIV

Human Immune Deficiency virus, the virus that causes AIDS


HIV is spread in what 4 ways?

1. Sexual intercourse vag or anal

2. By contaminated blood

3. Contaminated hypodermic needles

4. From infected woman to her baby during pregnancy or childbirth


Canadians with HIV/AIDS are from what 6 exposure categories?

1. Men sex with men (56%)

2. Drug Injecters (18%)

3. Men sex with men and inject drugs (2%)

4. Heteros who have sex (18%)

5. Recipients of contaminated blood transfusions (2%)

6. At birth from infected mom (2%)


What is cumulative risk?

Likelihood of contracting an STI after repeated unprotected exposure


What are the 4 broad classes of manifestations of HIV infection? (stages)

1. Primary Infection
(no immediate symptoms, 2-8 weeks of developing antibodies, maybe fever or sore throat and can infect)

2. Asymptomatic infection
(infected but shows no symptoms, except maybe swollen lymph glands and night sweats, can infect)

3. Progressive Infection
(Immune system is sufficiently suppressed that is is not able to fight off infections T4 Cells drop, symptoms can be fever, diarrhea, weight loss, shingles etc)

4. AIDS-defining opportunistic Infection
(term AIDS is applied when person is affected by life-threatening opportunistic infections that occur only with reduced immune system. T cell count below 200)


The HIV test, ELISA (Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay) is easy and cheap to perform. Can be used in what two important ways?

1. To screen donated blood

2. Help people determine whether they are infected but are asymptomatic carriers


What is the drug AZT?

Antiviral drug used to treat HIV-infected people.
Also called ZDV


What is HAART?

It is the cocktail of drugs that HIV patients take. It stands for highly active antiretroviral therapy. It has been hugely successful at decreasing deaths


What is gonorrhoea?

The clap/drip is a STI that usually causes symptoms of puslike discharge and painful, burning urination in the male but is frequently asymptomatic in the female


What is syphilis?

STI that causes a chancre to appear in the primary stage


What is a chancre?

A painless, ulcerlike lesion with a hard, raised edge that is a symptom of syphilis


What is congenital syphilis?

A syphilis infection in a newborn baby resulting from transmission from an infected mother


What is hepatitis B?

Liver disease that can be transmitted sexually or by needle sharing


What is trichomoniasis?

Form of vaginitis causing a frothy white or yellow discharge with an unpleasant odour


What are pubic lice?

Tiny lice that attach themselves to the base of pubic hairs and cause itching, also called crabs


What are crabs?

Pubic lice


What is vaginitis?

An irritation or inflammation of the vagina usually causing a discharge


What is Monilia? What is it also called?

Form of vaginitis causing a thick, white disharche also called candida or yeast infection


What is cystitis?

Infection of the urinary bladder in women, causing painful, burning urination


What is prostatitis?

An infection, infammation, or swelling of the prostrate gland

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