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What are Master and Johnson's 4 phase model?

1. Excitement
2. Plateau
3. Orgasm
4. Resolution


What does the Master and Johnson Human sexual response cycle with men and women?

Male go quickly up to plateau, then quickly up to orgasm,then rapidly fall.

Women gradually go up all the way to orgasm, then gradually are brought back down.


What are the two processes of Male erotic arousal?

Vasocongestion and myotonia


An erection consists of what

corpora cavernous and corpus spongiosum filling up and scrotum tightening


What does the male plateau look like with 4 factors?

1. Peak vasocongestion
2. Cowper's gland secretion
3. Further increase in breathing, pulse, and blood pressure
4. Intesnse Vasocongestion and myotonia


What 5 things that describe male orgasm?

1. Muscle tension and pelvic engorgement build to climax

2. Series of rhythmic contractions of pelvic organs and anal sphincter expel blood flow from pelvic kisses

3. Typically at 0.8 sec intervals, 5-15 contractions

4. Hyperventilation

5. Intense myotaonia and spasms


What two things happen with Male Preliminary Orgasm state?

1. Vas, seminal vesicles and prostrate contract to force ejaculate into urethra

2. Ejaculatory inevitability


What two things happen with Male second stage Orgasm state?

1. Bulb and penis contract to force semen through the urethra

2. Carpopedal spasms and general muscle contractions


What are the 3 things of resolution of the male orgasm?

1. Reversal of excitement and plateau

2. Return to unaroused state

3. Refractory period for men


What are the 4 characteristics of the female excitement phase?

1. Vaginal lubrication

2. clitoris swells (erections)

3. Erection of nipples, breasts swell, labia minora swell and open, upper ⅔ vagina balloons

4. Feelings of pressure or fullness in the pelvis


What are 6 characteristics of female plateau?

1. Peak vasocongestion

2. increase in breathing, use and blood pressure

3. formation of orgasmic platform

4. Clitoris retracts for protection

5. Labia minora double-triple in size pushing major apart

6. Intense vasocongestion and myotonia


What 3 things characterize female orgasm?

1. Series of rhythmic muscle contraction of the orgasmic iplatform and the uterus

2. Generalized contractions of the perineal and perianal muscles

3. Sometimes accompanied by ejaculation


What are 4 characteristics of resolution stage of female?

1. Reversal of excitement and plateau

2. Return to unaroused state

3. Refractory period for men

4. Multi-orgasmic potential in women and some men


What was Freuds theories about female stimulation?

That there was two orgasms. Mature vaginal stim, and immature clitoral stim. This was great for his business, but totally false, and 70% of women can't orgasm from just vaginal stim


How long does it take for female pelvic swelling to subside during resolution stage?

half hour


What causes fluid to seep through membranes in vagina during excitement phase?

whats it called?

Vaginal lubrication from vasocongestion of tissue around vagina

called transudation


What is Kaplan's three stage model?

Three independent phases of sexual stim:

1. Desire - Cogntiive
2. Excitement - Vasocongestion
3. Orgasm - Contraction


How does Kaplan's Model differ from Master and Johnson model? (5 things)

1. The two physiologic components are controlled by nervous system
whereas (Vasocongestion by parasympathetic vs ejaculation by sympathetic division)

2. Two components differ in the structures involved
whereas (vasocongestion through blood vessels and orgasm through muscles)

3. Two components have different susceptibilities
whereas things such as age increase refractory

4. Ejaculatory reflex can be controlled whereas section reflex cannot be controlled

5. Impairment of each results in different problems, whereas bad erections result from vasocongestion problems and premature eject results from poor muscle control


What are the two ways an erection is produced?

1. Erection is produced by a spinal reflex
2. It can also be produced by tactile stimulation of genital and fantasy


Where is the ejaculation centre located on spinal cord compared to erection reflex

Ejac centre is located higher in spinal cord than erection reflex


What is a retrograde ejaculation?

When orgasm in male is not accompanied with external ejaculation


What are two names for G-Spot

Female prostrate
Grafenberg Spot


Where is grafenberg spot?

small region on front wall of vagina emptying into urethra and responsible for female ejaculation.


In survey what % of women said they had experienced ejaculation at least once?



Is there a known substance that works well as an aphrodisiac?



What are 8 characteristics of stereotypical exceptional sex?

1. full present
2. sense of connection
3. Deep intimacy
4. Extraordinary communicaton
5. Authenticity
6. Exploration
7. Letting go/vulnerability
8. Moments of transcendence


What are 4 factors about sexual fantasys?

1. Bit more difficult to measure
2. Fantasy during sex vs not
3. Fantasy can be contextual
4. Fantasy may or may not reflect what they actually want to do


What is autoeroticism?

Sexual self-stimulation


What is Tantric sex?

it emphasizes prolonged foreplay with a spiritual connection and numerous variations


What is men and womens desired duration of foreplay?

They both want it to last the same amount of time, but women underestimated how much foreplay men wanted. Men were accurate in estimating how much foreplay women wanted


What do gay males do with each others nipples?

Stimulate them more than heterosexual women do, they also caress their partners bodies before approaching genitals


What is cunnilingus?

Mouth stimulation of the female genitals


What is fellatio?

Mouth stimulation of thimble genitals


What is the most common position used by heterosexual couples in Canada



What is best position for conception?



What is not a very good position for man who wants to control his ejaculation?



What position do many women find best for orgasm, and lets them control amount of stim to clit. And also good for males who need to control orgasm or need to do less movement?

Woman on top


In what position does quaffing occur a lot?

Doggie style/ rear entry


What position is good for leisurely or prolonged intercourse if one or more partners are not feeling energetic?



What is anilingus?



What is the triphasic model?

Kaplans model of sexual response, which there are three components

1. Sexual desire
2. Vasocongestion
3. Muscular contractions


What is the Dual control model?

A model that holds that sexual response is controlled by both sexual excitation and by sexual inhibition


What is the part of the brain believed to be important for ssexual behaviour in both animals and humans and has amygdala, hippocampus, and fornix?

Limbic System


What is organizing effects of hormones?

What about activating effects of hormone?

These are the effects of sex hormones early in development, and is a permanent change in brain or reproductive system

Acitivating effects of hormone is when sex hormones act in adulthood resulting in behaviours such as arousal and aggressiveness behaviours


How does introducing hormones during devleopment effect the subject?

Well, giving testosterone to females in early development not only gave her manlier genitals, but made her behaviour manly as well such as mounting!

Castrating the man at birth and giving him female hormones gave him womanly behaviour


What is coitus?

Sexual intercourse - Insertion of penis into the vagina


What is anaphrodisiacs?

Decreases sexual desire


What are two critiscisms of Masters and Johnson's model?

1. Ignored cognitive factors
2. Selection of research participants may have led to a self-fulfiling prophecy in results


The dual control model says what about how our responses to sexual stimuli are shaped?

That they are shaped by culture and early learning


what is something we do that stops a lot of people from having great sex?

Turning it into work that has goals such as orgasm and is very performance oriented

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