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what was Isaiah's message to King Hezekiah?

Isaiah told Hezekiah that Jerusalem would not be taken nor Judah destroyed. God would use foreign nations to make Judah pure and once again faithful to his commandments


why did Jeremiah struggle with his vocation?

Jeremiah didn't know what to say, and he thought he was to young


What are some superstitions?

the way the people believed in statues


What did you learn from the Book of Job?

I can learn that bad things happen to everyone and you can't blame God.


Why do we need good leaders

because they influence other people


What was the remnant Isaiah told the people?

he said this remnant, or small group of God's people, would survive and live just and holy lives as God's faithful community


What did False prophets do?

false prophets tried to become popular by telling their listeners only what they wanted to hear


what did the exiles identify themselves as and what did they call their religion

Jews and Judaism


what did Isaiah of Babylon say the salvation will come through

through the suffering of a servant of The Lord. this servant would be without sin