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Why is it a good idea to choose a book with short chapters? Chap 2

If your parents tell you to "read three chapters", it's easier to read three short ones than three long ones.


Whata did Charlie learn to do when his mom said, "finish the chapter yourself." Chap 3

Charlies Joe taught himself to cry on purpose.


What parts did Charlie read when he was assigned a book to read for school? Chap 4

Charlie read the front flap, the back cover, the first and last chapters.


Why did Charlie Joe buy Timmy McGibney ice cream sandwiches? Chap 4

Timmy would tell Charlie Joe what was in the rest of the books they were supposed to read.


Sleep, clean your room, pretend to clean your room.....are the first three things on what list? Chap 6

Ways to Get out of Reading: Charlie's tip #3


Who did Charlie go to for advice, when Timmy would tell him what happens in the middle of the book, Billy's Bargain? Chap 7

He asked Katie Friedman, his friend from kindergarten to fourth grade.


Girls like guys if they don't read a lot, but still get .......what? Chap 7

Girls like guys that don't read a lot but still get good grades.


Who does Eliza Collins, the prettiest girl in the whole grade, have a crush on? Chap 8

Eliza has a crush on Charlie Joe.


What is Timmy's fear about making the lacrosse team? Chap 8

Timmy is afraid Eliza will tell her dad to pick Charlie Joe for the team instead of Timmy.


Why was Eliza mad at Charlie Joe? Chap 9

Eliza was mad at Charlie Joe because she liked him but he did not like her.


What favor did Charlie Joe ask Eliza for? Chap 9

Charlie Joe asked Eliza to talk to her dad about picking Timmy for the travelling lacrosse team.


Why did Charlie Joe ask Eliza for the favor? Chapt 9

Charlie Joe asked Eliza for the favor so that Timmy would tell him about the middle of the book Billy's Bargain


What happened to Charlie Joe's friend, Jake Katz, after he read a book about snakes? Chap 11

Jake discovered he liked reading and started doing it all the time.


Charlie Joe says not all books are bad. What are some of the good ones? Chap 12

Comic books, yearbooks, checkbooks, Facebook


What jobs do Charlie Joe's parents have? Chap 13

Charlie Joe's dad is a lawyer and his mom is a substitute teacher and housewife.


How many calories does reading burn? Chap 14

Reading doesn't burn any calories.


What did Timmy's mother visit Charlie Joe's mother for? Chap 14

Mrs. McGibney told Mrs. Jackson about Timmy reading the books for Charlie Joe.


Why does Charlie Joe have a bookshelf and books in his room? Chap 14

Charlie Joe has a bookshelf and books in his room to convince others that he reads books.


What were the consequences of Charlie Joe's reading scheme? Chap 14

He was grounded for 1 week, had to set the table for 2 weeks, lost his cell phone for 1 month and had to go to the library every day after school.


What did Charlie's sister Megan offer to do to help Charlie? Chap 21

Megan offered to read Billy's Bargain just this one time for Charlie.


How does Charlie get away with calling "going to the movies" reading? chap 22

He reads the ticket, the credits, the rating, the posters, the subtitles, the menu, the texts afterwards...


Who did Charlie Joe run in to at the ice cream shop when he took Megan out for ice cream? Chap 23

Charlie saw Timmy and Hannah Spivero.


When did Charlie Joe first meet Hannah Spivero? Chap 24

They met in kindergarten during a kick ball game.


What are dogs, chocolate, and the Beatles? Chap 24

Charlie Joe Jackson's three favorite things in the world are dogs, chocolate, and the Beatles.


What's the only bad thing about Hannah Spivero? Chap 24

The only bad thing about Hannah is her twin brother, Teddy.


What did Charlie Joe and Megan do at Jookies? Chap 25

They played a game of air hockey


What is the only book that Charlie Joe has read from beginning to end?

The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein


Why does Ms. Ferrell ask Charlie Joe to show her his paper about Billy's Bargain 2 days before everyone else? Chap 32

Ms. Ferrell thinks Charlie Joe is special and he is her pet project.


What kind of dog does Ms. Ferrell have? chap 33

A great dane.


What did the gym coach as Charlie Joe to do?

He asked him to wear the right gym shorts to class.


What did Charlie Joe give Timmy as a peace offering? Chap 35

an ice cream sandwich


According to Charlie Joe, what "traumatic reading experience" caused him to turn against reading forever? Chap 37

His dad gave him tons of books for his sixth birthday.


How many days did Hannah and Timmy go out before they broke up? Chap 38

9 days, just as Katie predicted.


What grade did Charlie Joe earn on his paper about Billy's Bargain?



What happened to Charlie Joe as he was pitching the final out to Andrew on his traveling baseball team? Chap 39

He found himself acting like a reader, thinking about Billy's Bargain, and identifying with the character.


According to Charlie Joe's tip # 17, why do kids who get straight A's wear glasses? Chap 40

Because reading causes you to go blind from reading all the small print.


What is a Position Paper? Chap 41

A Position Paper is a project where you choose a topic, do tons of research and reading, then write a 6 page paper about the topic and your position onit, then present it to the teachers.


According to Charlie Joe, if you want to know about these mysterious fascinating creatures, you should read books with them in it. What are the creatures?



What topic does Charlie Joe choose for his position paper? Chap 42

Cliques and how they are bad for kids.


What did Katie advise Charlie to give to Hannah so that Hannah would go along with his plan and go out with Jake? Chap 43

Give Hannah one of his Beatles tchotchkes.


What Beatles tchotchke did Charlie Joe offer to Hannah? Chap 44

His "Dead Babies" album cover.


What did Hannah say about Charlie's Position Paper topic and the idea of her going out with Jake? Chap 45

She thought it was interesting and said she would have gone along with it even without the Beatles album.


What kind of books does Jake Katz like? Chap 45

Books with words in them.


What is "the room" that Charlie's parents invented? Chap 46

It's an imaginary room where they would put people who talk on and on about themselves.


What was Charlie doing that made his mom ask him to "stop eating like a dog."?

He was licking his plate.


What happened at the first assembly after Jake and Hannah started going out? Chap 50

The cliques started mixing up and sitting with each other.


Why was Charlie Joe feeling guilty at dinner with his parents and Jake? Chap 50

Charlie Joe was feeling guilty because Jake was doing all the reading for his position paper for him.


Who made a surprise speech at the end of Jake's position paper presentation? Chap 52

Hannah Spivero


Who did Charlie Joe go to the end of the year dance with? Chap 57

Pete, and Timmy.


Who did Hannah go to the end of the year dance with? Chap 57

Hannah and Jake went to the dance together.


Who did Charlie Joe end up dancing with, when girls asked boys to dance?



What did Jake say during his speech at the dance that was a disaster for Charlie Joe?

Jake said that Charlie Joe had asked him to read the books for his position paper for him.


Who is Mrs. Sleep?

The principal at Charlie Joe's school.


Charlie Joe had a choice of two consequences for having Jake read his books. What were the two consequences?

He could read 10 books and write a 5 page report on each one, or he could write one 150 page book.