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What are the three formulas for all timber charges?

Internal: P= D squared / 250. External: P= D squared / 40. Ring: P= D squared / 40.


What are three considerations when targeting timber?

Wind, Lean, Dimension of tree.


What formula do you use for a ring charge?

External: P = D squared / 40


What dimension do you want to attack on dimensional timber tatgets?

Always attack the least dimension


What should be the width and thickness of a ring charge on a tree that is 12" thick? On a tree that is 26" thick?

At least 1/2" thick on trees up to and including 15" inch diameter. 1" inch thick on trees up to 30" inch


For an abatis obstacle what is the desired minimum length?

75 meters


Which direction should the fell trees be facing?

3 to 5 meters apart and 45 degrees toward the enemy.


What are the types of explosives used for Internal, External, Ring?

INTERNAL: Dynamite, plastic and sheet explosive. EXTERNAL: Circular- plastic and sheet explosive. Dimensional- TNT, palstic and sheet explosive. RING: plastic and sheet explosive


What is the Abatis formula?

P = D squared / 50


How do you convert circumference to diameter?

Circumference / 3.14 = Diameter