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What does "rate of reaction mean"?

The speed of a reaction


What is needed for a reaction to occur?

Particles to collide with a certain amount of energy


How does increasing the temperature, increase the rate of reaction?

It gives the particles more kinetic energy which means a higher chance of collisions with larger energy, leading to the rate of reaction increasing.


What is the effect of concentration on the rate of reaction?

Increasing concentration, increases the rate of reaction. We had more acid molecules within the same volume so greater chance of collisions.


What does a catalyst do?

Speed up chemical reactions without getting involved or used up within the process/reaction


How does a catalyst speed up a chemical reaction?

By lowering the energy needed for a chemical reaction to be activated. Activation energy is less with catalyst


What type of energy is needed for a reaction to occur?

Activation energy


How does surface area effect the rate of reaction?

The larger the surface area, the faster the rate of reaction. This is because there will be more particles exposed to the other reactant to react with


What does a metal carbonate and acid produce?

A salt, water and carbon dioxide


What does a metal oxide and acid produce?

A salt and water


What does a metal and acid produce?

A salt and hydrogen


What is the main reason for a decrease in mass during a reaction?

A gas being formed. This is because particles would escape in the form of a gas if the reaction wasn't sealed, thus bringing the mass down