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Either of which two new ECG changes is suggestive of ST-Elevation MI

- ST Elevation
- Left Bundle Branch Block


Which ECG changes are suggestive of NSTEMI

- T wave inversion
- ST depression
- May be normal

Should be confirmed with Tropnonin measurement


What is a Type 1 MI?

MI caused by atherosclerotic coronary plaque rupture, ulceration, fissuring, erosion, or dissection with resulting intraluminal thrombus, decreased myocardial blood flow or distal platelet emboli, and myocyte necrosis


What is a type 2 MI?

MI occurs when a condition other than coronary artery disease contributes to an imbalance between myocardial oxygen supply and demand, and results in myocardial necrosis with a rise in serum troponin. This may occur during critical illness or major surgery if myocardial oxygen demand is increased by raised circulating catecholamine levels or arrhythmia, or if myocardial oxygen supply is decreased by hypotension. Myocardial necrosis due to coronary artery spasm may also be included in this category. All these events occur unrelated to coronary atherothrombosis


ECG pattern of Anteroseptal MI

V1-V4 ST Elevation


Anteroseptal MI Artery

Left Anterior Descending


V1-V4 ST Elevation Artery

Left Anterior Descending