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In addition to the ribs and sternum, which other bones make up the chest wall?

- the thoracic spine (T1 to T12)


What do the superior and inferior vertebral notches on adjacent vertebrae form?

- the intervertebral foramina


Which rib attaches to the sternum at the sternal angle of Louis? What vertebral level does this occur at?

- rib #2
- occurs at the T4 level


How many pairs of facets does each thoracic vertebra have? What are they?

- 5 pairs
- superior costal facets, inferior costal facets, transverse costal facets, superior articular facets, and inferior articular facets


Name the joint that attaches each rib to the vertebral column.

- costovertebral joint


Name the joint that "fastens" each rib to a vertebra's transverse process.

- costotransverse joint


Name the joint that attaches a rib to the sternum.

- sternochondral joint


Which joint forms the sternal angle of Louis?

- the manubriosternal joint
- (joint between the manubrium and sternum)


What is the only joint between the entire upper limb and the axial (trunk) skeleton?

- the sternoclavicular joint


The striations of the internal intercostals point MEDIALLY/LATERALLY.

- they point laterally/outwards
- "downwards and backwards"


The striations of the external intercostals point MEDIALLY/LATERALLY.

- they point medially/inwards
- "downwards and forwards"


There are three layers of intercostal muscles (external/outer, internal/middle, and innermost/inner), what comprises the innermost layer?

- the innermost intercostals, the subcostals, and the transversus thoracis muscles


Between which two layers of the intercostal muscles do the vessels and nerves run?

- between the innermost/inner and the internal/middle layers


The diaphragm separates which two cavities?

- the thoracic and abdominal cavities


How many arcuate ligaments does the diaphragm have? What are they?

- three arcuate ligaments
- median, medial, and lateral


At what vertebral level does the IVC pierce through the diaphragm? The esophagus? The abdominal aorta?

- IVC: T8
- esophagus: T10
- aorta: T12
- "i ate ten eggs at twelve"


Which nerves supply the diaphragm? Which vertebral level do they arise from?

- the phrenic nerves
- C3, C4, and C5
- "C3, 4, 5 keeps you alive"


Where do the posterior intercostal arteries arise from?

- most arise from the descending thoracic aorta
- the upper one or two arise from the subclavian artery (via the costocervical trunk)


Where do the anterior intercostal arteries arise from?

- the internal thoracic arteries (one on each side) running alongside the sternum
- (each internal thoracic artery comes from each subclavian artery)


Where do most intercostal veins on the right side drain into? What about on the left side?

- right: azygous vein (and then into the SVC)
- left: hemiazygous vein (eventually joins the azygous)


The upper 2 or 3 intercostal veins drain uniquely - where do these usually drain into?

- 1st one: the brachiocephalic vein on each side
- 2nd & 3rd: these veins join up to form a larger vein, which dumps into the azygous vein on the right and into the left brachiocephalic on the left


T or F: like all other ribs, the 1st rib articulates with two vertebrae.

- false!
- the 1st rib actually only articulates with only T1


What are the two terminal branches of the internal thoracic artery? At what costal level does this occur at?

- branches into the superior epigastric artery and the musculophrenic artery
- occurs at the level of the 6th costal cartilage


What runs alongside the vertebral bodies on each side in the thoracic cavity?

- the sympathetic trunk