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What types of child abuse are MN physicians mandated to report?

report suspicion of physical, sexual, emotional abuse, and neglect


How do you go about reporting child abuse?

Once you suspect it enough that abuse is on your differential diagnosis, you first verbally report (either to social services or sheriff) and they investigate. they'll get back to you and then you made a written report (your charting)


True or false: most people who were abused as children become violent adults?

false - only 33%


What are the predictors of perpetration?

raised in a violent home (33%)
Drug abuse (19%)
EtOH use (10%)


Which gender is more often the perpetrator of physical abuse and which is more often the perpetrator of sexual abuse?

women = physical abuse
men = sexual abuse


Where on the body are bruises considered INFLICTED INJURIES until proven otherwise?

on padded areas of the body like cheeks, buttocks, abdomen, etc.


What is the behavior of the abused children like?

extreme - either aggressive or withdrawn


Which word can be used to typically describe families in which abuse occurs?

isolated - they are not well integrated into the community, the children don't talk about it, and don't make friends, and the abuse is a well guarded secret


True or false: children who are abused dislike the abusing parent.

false - they still love the parent, but want the abuse to stop

they also somehow think the abuse is their fault


Which type of abuse (sexual or physical) occurs more so in lower SES groups?

physical; sexual abuse is equally common in all SES levels


How many females and how many males have been sexually abused before age 18?

1 in 4 females
1 in 7 males


What are two words that can describe the family structure in which abuse occurs?

rigid - no change in interactions related to development

enmeshed - everyone's in everyone else' business