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Upon receiving a complaint of a suspected child physical or sexual abuse shall the supervisor attend?



Upon receiving a complaint of a suspected child physical or sexual abuse who shall the officer on scene notify?

the OIC and request that they notify a designated child abuse investigator


If it is determined by the Team that it is in the best interest of the child, investigations may take place on school
premises, without first notifying* the parents and in their absence when

 the abuse is disclosed at school and reported immediately by school personnel to the Children’s Aid
Society (CAS)
 the abuse is disclosed outside the school and the Team wishes to interview the child at school
 the abuse disclosure involves school personnel as an alleged offender
 the abuse disclosure involves another child (student) as an alleged offender
 subsequent to the initial investigation, police or child care protection workers need access to the child at school or child care setting as a continuation of this process.


The Team shall be responsible for informing the school principal, as soon as practicable, of the following

 when parents have been informed of an interview conducted without their prior notification
 if the investigation is delayed, indicating when the interview is expected to occur
 the appropriate time that school personnel may resume contact with one or both parents
 if the child is placed in the care of the CAS
 whether child protection proceedings will be commenced
 whether a criminal charge will be laid
 the existence and terms of any court orders regarding access or contact with the child
 any other information deemed necessary.


Would a Team response be required if the physical or sexual abuse was not by a offender who had some element of charge over the child victim and there is no possibility of child in need of protection?

NO: A Team response shall be required for all allegations of child abuse investigations, including sexual and physical
abuse cases where the circumstances could include a Criminal Code (CC) violation and render the child in need
of protection under the Child and Family Services Act (CFSA); AND when the alleged offender, whether adult or
child, has some element of charge over the child victim. Further, a Team response shall be required in all
circumstances where a child has a suspicious injury or other circumstances indicate that abuse cannot be ruled
out as a possible causative factor.


Which division/jurisdiction ultimately case manages the investigation into a child abuse case?

The division/jurisdiction where the abuse took place.


When responding to a complaint of suspected physical or sexual abuse where interaction will be made with a
child victim and/or child witness, all efforts shall be made at the outset to use a _____ child abuse investigator.



The OIC, upon receiving notification of a case of suspected child physical or sexual abuse, or circumstances where child abuse cannot be ruled out, shall

 if in charge of a Central Field division, 32 Division or 33 Division, contact the CYAC
 if in charge of 22, 23, 31, 41, 42, or 43 Divisions contact a designated investigator from the division in which the incident occurred, or if unavailable, a designated investigator from another division within the same Field command
 ensure the eReport number is
 distributed in accordance with unit policy
 provided to the divisional detective office where the offence took place, if applicable.